May 2024

Permanent Style summer drinks in the Burlington Arcade: Pictures

Paris: A menswear shopping guide - 2024 update

Introducing: The Art du Lin Harrington

Beige, Paris: The best kind of multi-brand shop

A vintage shopping day in New York

My favourite jeans: Bryceland’s, Rubato, Blackhorse Lane, vintage

April 2024

How to pack for a week-long trip: Video

Reader profile: Niyi

Buck Mason, Novesta, New & Lingwood: Spring ‘24 Highlights

A Guide To Chambray Shirts - Part Two: Modern Brands

The Permanent Style Summer drinks - taking over the Burlington Arcade

Collars are more flattering with tailoring - but do you care?

Vittorio Salino tweed jacket: Review

Are you a menswear snob?

A Guide To Chambray Shirts - Part One: Reproductions

A. Marchesan, Stockholm: Curated Period Menswear

I'm going on holiday

Come to our next talk: Tony Gaziano at Mortimer House

Husbands: Still sexy after all these years 

Wearing black shoes with jeans

March 2024

Book launches in Paris and New York

Vittorio Salino: His philosophy, and fitting a jacket

Yuketen, Crescent Down Works, Big Rock Candy Mountaineering - brands in Paris

Edward Sexton great coat: Style Breakdown

Introducing: The Speciale hand-framed cotton sweater

The Casual Style Guide is live

The Valet: Becoming a one-stop shop for clothing care

How does Paris compare to Pitti? Pendleton, FrizmWorks, Viberg and more

Pre-order for the Cashmere Crewneck and Cashmere Rugby

Why Ferdinando Caraceni is closing: An interview with Nicoletta Caraceni

How to sell a watch

B&Tailor double-breasted overcoat: Review

How to pack for a three-day trip: Video

The Casual Style Guide - come to the launch party!

February 2024

Pop-up shops for 2024 - in London and New York

The Eddie Bauer ‘Skyliner’ and how to find one

Spring/Summer 24 on the Permanent Style shop

Cifonelli cashmere overcoat: Style Breakdown

When to wear a tie: Personality and opportunity

Manish’s five bespoke lessons: Picking cloth

Reader profile: James

How to wear a shawl or stole

My case for the lightweight English jacket

Liverano ulster coat: Style Breakdown

B&Tailor: Real bespoke, distinctive style

How was Dry January for you?

January 2024

Cifonelli jacket: Finding a new home for good things

Layering up for travel: Shawls, cardigans and vests

Charlie Borrow pilot bag: How great things age

Repairing a rug jacket - with denim-like darning

Journal article on my children

Eight outfits I liked at Pitti - and why

The bowler hat in the fifties: My grandfather's blog

Sartoria Ciardi ulster coat: Style Breakdown

The Overcoats Style Breakdown series: Introduction 

What colour theory can teach you about clothing

Why I love my Ferdinando Caraceni blazer

Reader Profile: Ben (and the community of menswear)

How I organise outfits - and get my style inspiration

Announcing: Dry January 

December 2023

The jacket-as-coat: Seiji’s commission from Tailor Caid and others

Lost in translation: What menswear phrases really mean

Merry Christmas everyone

The story behind the English Tweed coat

Where to buy a RTW double-breasted navy overcoat

The breadth and style of Korean tailoring

Bespoke loafers with Seiji McCarthy: Commissioning and fitting 

Seoul: A menswear shopping guide

The future of Savile Row, with Anda Rowland: Video

Christmas Gift List 2023: Do not read!

The Guide to Tweed: Bunches

The craft and range of Begg blankets 

The weekend gilet or vest

November 2023

Manish's five bespoke lessons: Working with a tailor

Wythe: Tasteful and accessible Americana

Reader profile: Sebastian

Roberto Ugolini bespoke boots: Review

The Bureau, Belfast: Big brand mix and exclusive styles

The importance of visiting your makers (repeatedly)

Dress like a Parisian woman

Swedish craft companies playing the long game: Svenskt Tenn and Märta Måås Fjetterström

Casual suits with collared knits: A new default

Stolen valour: Issues with wearing military clothing

Berlin: A menswear shopping guide

Wythe, Bally, P Johnson: A/W 2023 highlights 

Introducing: The English Tweed overcoat

October 2023

Come to our last talk of the year, with Anda Rowland

Dressed-up New Yorkers: The view from the pop-up

How design works: Classic menswear and fashion compared, with Luke Walker

Rolling shirt sleeves

Coherence: What we liked in January, that you can actually buy now

Frieze art fair: How the rich collector dresses

Arthur Sleep, Aimé Leon Dore and Acme/Mori: Three things that didn't quite work 

Introducing: The grey cashmere crewneck

The appeal of Solaro: Suit from Cristina Dalcuore 

Is there still such a thing as an ‘investment piece’?

Visiting Bel y Cia in Barcelona, home of the Teba

Introducing: The Rider’s Raincoat

The London pop-up, Autumn 2023

September 2023

Mr Vintage Fayre: Bringing vintage menswear together in London

Heavy, slubby, transitional linen jacket from Ciardi

The style of King Charles: Top-level classic menswear

Introducing: The New Friday Polo

How my style has changed over 15 years

On baseball caps - and logos in general

We're coming back to New York (and bringing Seiji)

Should you buy a copy? What’s the harm?

You are the interviewer 2

If you only owned five pieces of knitwear: A capsule collection

Brown chalkstripe suit from Fred Nieddu/Taillour: Review

Los Angeles: A city shopping guide

Sartoria Seminara and Vittorio Salino: Maintaining Florentine tailoring

August 2023

The first sportswear jacket: A ‘Ricky’ or gab jacket

The PS talks are back - with Luke Walker of LEJ

Buying second-hand US-made Levi’s

Visiting the 45R headquarters, Tokyo

Autumn/Winter 2023 on the PS Shop

Questions about unlined loafers - with my Belgravia

Five good ready-made suits under £1000

Reader profile: Ian

Ludens: Japanese belts and leather goods

Speciale: Fine Florentine tailoring and haberdashery

Sandals: Slides and huaraches, open-toe and closed

How much do you actually know? An interview with Alan Flusser

Tracksmith running clothing: Review

July 2023

The glow and romance of it: Douglas Fairbanks on stage

Memories of Edward Sexton 

Talon zips and velvet chandeliers: The Real McCoy's headquarters in Kobe, Japan

Kind of showy: All black jacket and jeans

Wimbledon smart/casual: Everyone loves an excuse

Swimming shorts: Simple, tasteful, flattering

Sartoria Ripense: Visiting Andrea Luparelli in Rome

How different materials decompose - The Aigat pond

Summer casual chic: Riviera style Part 2

Schostal: Socks, shirts and pyjamas in Rome

The guide to hopsack (and mesh, mock leno and basket weave)

Friends and fun at the PS anniversary Open Day

How loopwheel sweatshirt fabric is made – at Aigat, Wakayama

June 2023

Rapid multiple borrowings: Riviera style today  

If you only had five (casual) shoes

Sticking with Yohei: Commissioning black oxfords

Nicoletta Caraceni on fitting Silvio Berlusconi

The Permanent Style Anniversary dinner

Black corduroy suit from Zizolfi/Pommella: Learning how to wear it

Thank you for being interesting and useful: Comments on PS

Reader profile: Adrian

The Bores jacket: My Fox version

Overshirts and oxfords back in stock, plus restocking schedules

Tokyo: A sartorial shopping guide - 2023 Update

Parker Boot Company: Roper boots review

Please come to the Permanent Style Anniversary ‘Open Day’

May 2023

Look after things you love: Repairing my Reverso 

Solakzade glasses and jewellery (plus Goro’s)

How to correct a flattened lapel

Packing for travel: My Japan capsule wardrobe

The state of independent menswear in the UK

A guide to vintage in Japan: Harajuku, Koenji, Osaka

Assisi bespoke double-breasted tweed: Review

Dunhill Tailors: The brothers that dressed the party of the century

The struggles with shoemaking in Japan

A guide to wool/silk/linen: Mixes, colours, bunches

The beauty of denim - with Levi’s through the ages

Finest Polos back in stock, with charcoal and black

Assisi bespoke tailors, Korea: Fitting a tweed DB

William Fioravanti: The power tailor

April 2023

Spring/Summer Top 10 '23: Shirts, shorts and a hairy cardigan

How we wear LEJ

Inspiring Japan: The 2023 trip

Video: Carl and Oliver of Rubato, in conversation

The history of New York bespoke tailoring: An introduction with Bruce and Alan

A Day in the Life

Reader Profile: Jeff

The practicality of a sweater over the shoulders

What to wear with the kids at the weekend

Reintroducing: The Finest Crewneck (and new Dartmoor)

Hosoi Paris: Hand-sewn and original leather bags

Vibram resoling: Rescuing my ‘grail’ Nike ACG hiking boots

March 2023

The cartridge bag: A small eccentricity

The Squarzi capsule: How to dress like Alessandro 

New pink and green-stripe oxford shirts

RM Williams Craftsman boots: Review

Celebrating local dress: My travels and Afghan Style

Tonal layering with black jeans: Comfy, drapey, easy

Rifugio's old villa

Bryceland’s black unsanforised jeans: Review

To whisper with your clothes - or why I’m fascinated by old Italian industrialists

The next talk with Rubato, and pop-up shop updates

Paolo Martorano bespoke hopsack jacket: Review

Wearing pink: Tips and combinations

PS readers’ Customer Service Award 2023: Anglo-Italian

Introducing: The PS Undershirt

February 2023

Reader profile: Simon

Ettore de Cesare bespoke navy overcoat

Introducing: The new Reversible Suede Bomber

Video: Jamie Ferguson on photography and style

Day in, day out: On uniform dressing and travel

Expressing yourself: How to dress like Milad Abedi

Tobacco, black and white (some T-shirts in stock)

The Simone Abbarchi workshop, in a little street, outside Florence

What makes a quality sweatshirt?

Spring/Summer 23 on the PS shop

Pitti A/W 2023: Too many negronis, too few makers

Subtle vs showy: A way to think about casual clothing

January 2023

An Hermes silk scarf with all navy

PS Presents '23: Arterton, LEJ, Marrkt, Fox and Rubato

Readers awards 2023: Anniversary edition 

The Merchant Fox: All the casual jackets reviewed

Some interesting Pitti picks: Mixing patterns, layering knitwear, wearing volume

Who are my favourite tailors? (Part two)

Who are my favourite tailors? (Part one)

Experimenting with the smock, or anorak

When you buy clothes, what are you paying for?

Proportions and high/low: Lessons from womenswear

The Cromford fur hat: Shearling for deep winter

Esquire 'Five Fits' feature: Tonal shirts and jackets

Vintage stores embody ‘materialism not consumerism’

December 2022

How I wear a black tailored jacket

How to hand wash knitwear: Video

Merry Christmas everyone!

The Apres Ski boots from Ludwig Reiter: A Review

Overshirts: Two types, ways to wear, where to buy

Reader profile: David E

Luxury chore coats compared

PS is 15 years old! But what is permanent style?

Anto: Shirtmaker to Hollywood, on and off screen

Drake's corduroy Mk.I Games Blazer: Review 

Christmas gift list 2022: Towelling, tooling and totes

Moulded Shoe, New York: Home of the modified last

Collectable cards show the ages of British Costume

November 2022

The Teba as substitute for a tailored jacket 

A Dad in California: Styling with Davide of Ghiaia

The steamy social experiment that is a PS party

Overshirt, chore, teba: Defining the new casual jacket

Indulgent Shawl Cardigan back in stock, with new black

Crowley Vintage: Shopping a look

Introducing: The Fielding shearling coat

Video: Ethan Newton, his style and the evolution of Bryceland's

Our next talk - with Edward Sexton on December 12th

The Bores jacket from Chato Lufsen: Review

A guide to corduroy: Colours, wales, fibres, bunches

Double brown: Just a touch less subtle

Come to pop-up drinks - and other updates

A little PS redesign

Why do people turn up (or cuff) their jeans?

October 2022

Autumn/Winter picks 2022: J Press, RM Williams, Aimé Leon Dore

The dilemma of associations

A shopping guide to ready-made trousers

J Press, Stock Vintage, CHCM, Snyder: New New York

This year’s winter pop-up: A whole calendar of events

Doek tennis shoes: How great things age

Reader profile: Shun

Cashmere Rugby restock, with navy

My new watch: Why I bought a seventies Speedmaster

Wear loafers with jeans

Women and clothes: An interview with Emilie Hawtin

My Anderson & Sheppard cord suit: How great things age

Sartoria Giuliva and Giuliva Heritage: Inspiration from Gerardo

September 2022

Niwaki Japanese tools and knives: Levels of quality

Introducing: The navy Donegal Coat

Our next talk in London: Ethan Newton, October 25th

Trousers and what they go with: A sliding scale of formality

Seiji McCarthy bespoke shoes: East Meets East

The olive PS Trench is back

PS outerwear available to try on in London - at William Crabtree & Sons

Video: Tony Sylvester, style and subcultures

Tommy & Giulio Caraceni: Modernising the Roman tailor

The three wardrobes that define my week 

We're coming to New York!

New colours in the Arran scarf and PS watch caps

Pressing: An unsung art of bespoke tailoring (video)

Black tops and tonal combinations under

Bespoke Anto shirt from La La Land - tucked and untucked

August 2022

Coming up on the PS Shop this Autumn/Winter

Tailoring for travelling: tough, comfortable, plain

Chez Dede: Andrea Ferolla and Daria Reina

My watches - eight years later

Chato Lufsen: French vintage and modern recreations

Bocache & Salvucci, Rome: Bespoke shoes and much else 

Holiday snaps 2022: Illustrating versatile packing

Come to a talk with Tony - and other things coming up

Wearing all black

Reader profile: Tim

How Florence changed with the pandemic: Abbarchi, Ugolini, Vestrucci

Subtlety and drama: The appeal of the purple sock

Atelier Bomba, Rome: Chic handmade tailoring

Rayon shirts, and tucking in or out 

July 2022

Coloured summer jackets: Final Anderson & Sheppard commission

What Ivy means to me

The appeal of a silk dressing gown - at New & Lingwood

What I pack when I travel - on holiday

Introducing: The striped short-sleeve shirt

Hunter, Desii, Tartan: Florence's surprising range of vintage

The guide to morning dress: Part three, the final suit

Aimé Leon Dore launches in the UK – worth a visit?

Hand padding a bespoke jacket: How it’s done and why

La Manual Alpargatera: How espadrilles are handmade

Summer Top 10: Polos, more polos, and espadrilles

If you only had five pairs of (casual) trousers

Some interesting Pitti picks

June 2022

The canvas chore coat - and buying vintage online

My battered Barbour: A rewaxing service to recommend

Peter Nitz hand-sewn briefcase: Review

Dege & Skinner lightweight summer jacket: Review

Dominique Lelys and Artumes: Taking on the spirit of Arnys

Reader profile: Cedric

Acme split-toe shoes: Review

How to avoid getting burnt out

The slouchy cardigan

Thoughts on my tattoo, three years later

The guide to morning dress: Part two, cut and make

Filson briefcase: How great things age

Fitting a bespoke jacket - in de Le Cuona stone-washed linen

May 2022

Brut Archives, Paris: Evolving vintage

The guayabera shirt: A report from our man in Mexico

What makes quality jeans - and should you care?

What shoes should I wear with brown trousers?

Can you look good in cheap clothes?

Pirozzi dupioni-silk jacket: Review 

The guide to morning dress: Part one, style

Introducing: The olive overshirt (and Summer restocks)

The pattern in bespoke tailoring: A new jacket at A&S

Rain: Cap and cordovan, or felt and suede

The English Country House Look

Reader profile: Patrick

This feels like me

April 2022

The rules and how to break them #11: Always button your jacket

A story in suits: My history with Anderson & Sheppard

Harpo, Paris: Generations of Amerindian jewellery 

Hob-nail boots, pince-nez and Rubato denim - at the pop party

The Spring Top 10: Fun, paper and lavender

So close and yet so far: TV pundits at the FA Cup

Mohair cardigans and Rubato chinos

Introducing: The Linen Harrington

Le Vif: A vintage shop like a regular shop

Smart/casual and high/low: How to dress like Oliver Dannefalk

J Mueser made-to-measure jacket: Review

A guide to piqué cotton polo shirts

The Alden modified last, and Anatomica sizing

March 2022

Fred Nieddu belted suede jacket: Review

If you only had five (smart) trousers

Reader profile: Andy

Anatomica, Paris: The clothes and the history

The Finest Polo back in stock, with grey, with notes

The Spring pop-up: Rubato, Bentley's, Ludovic and Jake

A view on emerging Chinese shoemakers

I have Gay Talese's hat

Shopping in person at Marrkt, York

A collared cardigan under a jacket: Ciardi and Colhay’s

People to follow: Lesser-known Instagram accounts

The formality of types of knitwear

Introducing: The tapered T-shirt

February 2022

Sex appeal: Between vulnerability and confidence

Why buy ‘modern’ vintage?

William Crabtree made-to-measure cord jacket: Review

My bespoke bow tie, from La Bowtique

Buy fewer clothes

Would you (could you) wear a cowboy boot?

Reader profile: Daniel

A day out at Rag Parade, Sheffield

Chapal USAAF jacket: How great things age

A guide to brands of unstructured jacket

An investment dressing gown, made-to-order by Budd

January 2022

My favourite clothes ever: Awards 2022

Bespoke braided belt from @Tightly_Stitched: Review

Edward Sexton overcoat: How great things age

The Real McCoy’s: Modern authenticity, casual luxury

Tonal dressing - with new Indulgent Shawl Cardigan

Double denim - in new Anthology tweed jacket

Reader profile: Mattia

Down parka from Nigel Cabourn: How great things age

PS Awards 2022: What are your favourite clothes, ever?

Perro: The collection tried and reviewed

Linen, paisley and velvet interiors: de Le Cuona

Why I'm wearing more belts

Resoling sneakers and trainers: RforPeople and end-of-life

December 2021

Cocktail attire: An argument for a new type of evening wear

Edward Sexton double-breasted flannel suit: Style breakdown

The colour fallacy

Merry Christmas (Eve)

Lutays made-to-order jacket: Review

The styles of bow tie - and why they matter

A visit to Molloy & Sons

The guide to Shetland sweaters: Part two, brands

The guide to Shetland sweaters: Part one

Reader profile: Ben C

Introducing: The Cashmere Rugby

Chester Mox hand-sewn leather folio: Review

How I wear a black leather jacket

If you had five coats: A versatile selection

November 2021

Clutch chinos review: Soundman, Pherrows, Warehouse...

The Sale Shop: Permanent Style, Marrkt and J.Girdwood

The new Permanent Style x Cromford shearling coat

Turnbull & Asser: The Sustainability Framework

Why does good knitwear pill?

How jeans can be repaired (and when they can’t)

Christmas gift list 2021: Shawls, soap and Swan Songs

The Willy Wonka wool room

How my jacket style has changed

Crockett & Jones 'Harvard' loafers: Review

Repair, recycle and de-pill knitwear: Cashmere Circle

Richard Burke: Style hero

The Armoury’s ‘Dayware’ jackets reviewed

How Donegal yarn is made

October 2021

The best things from the pop-up: Bryceland’s, Colhay’s, and on to Scott and Masaru 

Reader Profile: Andrew

Introducing: The Herringbone Donegal Overcoat

Updates: Pop-up from this Thursday afternoon

Black tie among friends

The jackets I picked for winter

The guide to knitwear fibre: Wool, cashmere and cotton

Combray: Vintage, high-end menswear

Brioni bespoke jacket and trousers: Review

Autumn/Winter Top 10: Wax, Ivy and secateurs

The pop-up is back! With Bryceland's and more

Comfortable yet elegant: A cosy winter combination

The work of Fred Nieddu, 'Taillour'

A hoarder reformed: Downsizing my wardrobe

September 2021

Real bespoke chinos, in design, cloth and cut

Introducing: The PS Arran scarf

Reader profile: David

Brioni bespoke tailoring

Wax Walker back in stock - and the fit of vintage knitwear

The suede overshirt (or shirt-jacket, or shacket)

A Sustainability Framework: Stoffa and Permanent Style

Pirozzi corduroy suit: Style breakdown

Matching checks on a jacket

If you only had five bags: A capsule collection

The case for the Summer Suit. With tie

Be open minded. Or, what is style?

What would I buy from Massimo Dutti?

August 2021

The jungle jacket: Summer's M65

The guide to types of knitwear: Gauge, end and ply

Introducing: Permanent Style Plaid

Reader profile: Manish

Good Art Hlywd: Unexpected craft and beauty

Colour, size and drama: How to dress like André Larnyoh

Adding interest to a navy blazer and grey trousers 

Why has Italy been so influential?

Adret 'Jack' bomber jacket: Review

Are bespoke shoes worth it?

Artists’ clothing: Comfortable, practical, modern

Playing around with white bucks

Carreducker remote-fitted bespoke boots: Review

July 2021

How to buy a quality rug

The menswear merger: Sportswear and tailoring

Introducing: The PS short-sleeved shirt

What are your primary and secondary interests?

Being yourself: How to dress like Gianluca Migliarotti

Blackhorse Lane chinos: Review

New black bullskin tote, and angled DBs

Should you dress for yourself, or for others? 

The (17) made-to-measure tailors I have known

The craft and beauty of Navajo weaving

A casual Summer capsule 

MTM chore suit from William Crabtree: Review

How relevant is 80s Armani?

June 2021

The rules and how to break them #10: Suits without ties 

Revisiting Thom Sweeney casualwear

Introducing: The PS linen overshirt

Behind the scenes: The design work at Ralph Lauren

Dege & Skinner tobacco-linen suit: Style breakdown

Flash vs fuddy

The Real McCoy's chinos: Review

The Western shirt four ways (with Begg & Co cardigan)

Remote, manufactured bespoke boots from Carreducker 

PS (shorter) shorts are back

Blouson, chore, or leather jacket? An exercise in casual paradigms

Desert boots (and knitwear, and bespoke) at Anglo-Italian 

Interwar art, posters and menswear - with Fab Gorjian

May 2021

What is French Ivy?

Transforming ends, scraps and waste: Yves Salomon raincoat liner

The T-shirt under tailoring

Casatlantic ‘Mogador’ trousers: Review

New comments functionality

Tailoring and milsurp: How to dress like Ethan Wong

Introducing: The Finest Polo

Learning to dress my body better

Rubato officer's chinos: Review

Blackhorse Lane made-to-measure jeans

Viberg Service Boots: My choice of work boot

Layering and accessories for cold Spring days

Both chic and bold: How to dress like Angel Ramos

Dalmo made-to-measure cashmere

April 2021

Spring/Summer Top 10: Chores, shirts and sweats

Massura made-to-measure jacket: Review

The Italian handmade shirt

Introducing: PS Harris Tweed

Hang-Up Vintage (and repairs, and creations)

The craft and eccentricity of 45R

The Adret store: Full-blown beauty

Support our shops. At least the real ones

The custom-block service, from Optimo

Whitcomb & Shaftesbury RAF-blue suit: Style Breakdown

White jeans: how to buy, wash and wear

These are the tools: you have to use them

My journey in perfume

March 2021

Saman Amel hand-framed cricket sweater: Review

My family

How to wash and wear raw denim

Introducing: The new PS Trench Coat

Inside the Bresciani sock factory, Spirano

Hats with coats: A sliding scale

Review: Stoffa ribbed polo (and vintage knitwear cuts)

Made-to-order umbrellas at Francesco Maglia

My favourite outfits

The (17) bespoke shoemakers I have known

Artisan of the Year 2021: Whitcomb & Shaftesbury

Do you care about packaging?

Edward Sexton Offshore Bespoke suit: Review

Bemberg, cupro, ermezine: The guide to linings

February 2021

Pyjamas and working from home: Baudoin & Lange Lunes

Best e-commerce (and video) 2021: The Armoury

Why have these bespoke shoes aged so well?

Outfits I got wrong

Giving to charity: No Man Walks Alone, Covid and Black Lives Matter

Casual chic: The inspiration of vintage leisure and sportswear

Bespoke basted alterations: Chittleborough & Morgan suit

The future of Crockett & Jones

Behind the scenes at the Loro Piana factory

The heritage brands of John Simons: Vetra, Dehen, FOB and more

The joy of cordovan - and how to wear and maintain it

How clothing kept me sane

January 2021

How jeans can be altered

My shirt collars

John Simons - the shop, the history, the influence

Brexit: Don't worry, nothing has changed

Edward Sexton 'offshore bespoke' tailoring

What are the best knitwear colours under tailoring?

The Ivy League shirt: History, traditions and style

Bruce Boyer's A&S jacket: How great things age 

Nicholas Templeman bespoke shoes: Review

The Permanent Style Awards 2021: Charity, e-commerce, and best shoes

New daily email and comments page, plus 1.2 million and counting!

Designing the Anthology polo coat

Elasticated waists - the good and the bad

Check mate! A guide to checked shirt patterns

December 2020

Armoury workwear chinos: How great things age

New Friday Polos - black and green (and menswear trends)

The Christmas Quiz!

New shop, outerwear and trousers at Saman Amel

The imagery that inspires me, by Oliver Dannefalk

The height of knitwear: why necklines matter

WW Chan bespoke tweed jacket: Review

Which brands do we cover, and why?

Heavy brown Brisbane Moss cords

The cold-colour capsule

The perspective of medieval menswear

Shirt style: Structure and lining, types and traditions

Petru & Claymoor bespoke shoes: Review

November 2020

How great things age: Nicoletta’s 50-year-old jacket

The Permanent Style x Cromford shearling coat

The style and price of Berg & Berg

What is comfort?

The mock neck

Benson & Clegg flannel suit: Review

Video: How to deal with stains on tailoring

Introducing: The yellow PS Oxford (shirt and fabric)

Buying vintage - with Oliver and Carl of Rubato

Carmina unlined chukka boots: Review

The styles of overcoat (and how to design one)

The Winter Top 5: End, GRP, Real McCoy's, Baudoin & Acronym

The symbolic value of clothes: An interview with Philip Warkander

October 2020

The tucked-in T-shirt

Introducing: The Wax Walker

Collar and armhole: How bespoke craft enhances fit

Knitwear and necklines - with Ciardi overcoat in 'British Warm'

Video: How to hem trousers, like a Savile Row tailor

New book: Bespoke Style, the cuts of 25 of the world's finest tailors

Fashion is running out of ideas, faster and faster

Francesco Maglia umbrellas: Past, present and future

New Dartmoor colour - and what to wear underneath

Postcard from Stockholm

Name that stripe! A guide to shirt stripe patterns

40 Colori made-to-measure knitwear and tie: Review

Colour in the city: How to dress like Jean-Manuel Moreau

September 2020

My beard

The formal tieless jacket - with Steven Hitchcock blazer

Postcard from Milan

Introducing: The new donegal coat

If you only had five jackets: A capsule collection

Dobrik & Lawton: Dramatic, unique bespoke tailoring

Anglo-Italian made-to-measure jacket: Review

The Guide to Shirt Cuffs

Workwear and tailoring: How to dress like Willy Wang

Introducing: The nubuck tote

Clutch Cafe: A guide to my favourite brands

The guide to cloth for black tie (or tuxedo)

How Permanent Style works as a business

August 2020

The guide to shirt collars - and what suits you

The Armoury 101 made-to-measure suit: Review

How to launch a menswear brand

Introducing: PS Selvedge Chambray

40 Colori: Italian made-to-order, London

Gieves & Hawkes linen suit: Style Breakdown

TLB Artista shoes: Review

Honing your style

We will not all be wearing T-shirts and sweatpants

Pink PS Oxford shirts available

How to sew a button - like a Savile Row tailor

Navy jacket and jeans (with recommended cloths)

What are low, medium and high-rise trousers?

July 2020

My colours in the Baudoin & Lange ‘Ginkgo’ loafer

My Summer shoes

The guide to jacket pockets

Shibumi bespoke checked jacket - Review

Casual chic: The art of looking smart without a suit

Escorial Tweed is available again

The Online Symposium: How luxury menswear can become more digital

The Summer Top Five: Adret, Anglo, Anthology, Connolly and Luca

The complete capsule: Prices, budgets and timelines

Local UK tailors: Controlled crowdsourcing

Nicholas Templeman bespoke shoes: Introduction and fitting

The best cloth for unstructured jackets

Espadrilles: Style, occasion, and brands

Kenjiro Suzuki bespoke, Paris: Review

June 2020

What are the best cheaper shoe brands?

Video chat: How to build a wardrobe from scratch

How to wear a cream jacket

Jetted pockets: Signs of a good finishing

Lockdown looks: What I really wore at home

A complete capsule wardrobe

The accidental columnist: A conversation with Robert Armstrong

Wearing red - with L'Etiquette

Jean-Manuel Moreau made-to-measure suit: Review

Introducing: The (brown) reversible Valstarino

How to darn socks and knitwear

The (55) bespoke tailors I have known

Nicola Cornacchia grey summer suit: Review

May 2020

Summer smart/casual: Three looks, three levels of formality

Introducing: The Finest Cardigan

Video chat: Going to a maker for the first time

Bespoke socks, at Mes Chaussettes Rouges

The knit polo shirt: My Summer staple

Why I buy vintage (with Levi's 501s)

Jean-Manuel Moreau, Paris

The Coronavirus: We will survive because we care

The cream shirt

The French style of Kenjiro Suzuki (and mute cutters)

Video question: How can I dress up without a suit?

The unexpected inspiration of Ralph Lauren womenswear

Panico flannel suit: Style breakdown

April 2020

Why I rarely wear a pocket square today (and what I do instead)

Benson & Clegg bespoke - and George VI's monkey jacket

Video: Comfort vs style in the fit of a suit

Orazio Luciano made-to-measure jacket: Review

Shoes in wet weather: The best ways to prevent rain damage

Yohei Fukuda bespoke shoes: Review

Don your highborn cloak: Ralph Lauren, saviour?

The hats of author Ned Brown

Three things I've bought on lockdown: Stevenson Overall, Harley, Hamilton & Hare

Light relief: Jamie’s clothes and style

Wellema bespoke felt hat: Review

How I store my clothes

How to dress like Shuhei Nishiguchi (book on PS)

March 2020

Video: How long should a jacket be?

How to deal with moths: Cleaning and smoke bombs

The quality and style of Wellema hats

What I wear working from home

Something to read

The T-shirt under a shirt (and tailoring)

The best cloths of Spring/Summer 2020 - featuring Anglo-Italian

Pop-up shop postponed

Introducing: The Madras linen

Yohei Fukuda bespoke shoes: The style and shop today

Video: How a jacket should fit

Shoes in wet weather: How to deal with rain and salt damage

Baseball cap, white jeans and Ivy: Pick and choose

Artisan of the year 2020: Sartoria Ciardi

February 2020

Tengri: Sustainable, luxurious yak fibre

Grey and lilac: Ralph Lauren style, in Cifonelli

Pop-up 6 is coming! Discover the brands

What makes quality in machine-made clothing?

Fashion and sustainability: Interview with Alex McIntosh

Video: Audie Charles on swapping a shirt for a sweater

Thom Sweeney checked jacket: Style breakdown

Introducing: The button-down Friday Polo

Best menswear shop 2020: Dick's, Edinburgh

What do women like?

How good is Uniqlo knitwear?

Ascot Shoes 'Kaan' cordovan shoe: Review

January 2020

Paolo Martorano bespoke, New York

PS readership survey: The results

The style of a belted wrap coat - with Whitcomb, Saman Amel and The Armoury

Colhay's: Slim Scottish knitwear

Wearing black

Suit style 9: Trouser cuffs, belts and tabs

Video: What makes a quality hat?

The Permanent Style Awards 2020: Value, investment and women

Introducing: The white PS Oxford

Adamley hand-screen printing, Macclesfield

Michael Browne bespoke coat: Review

Pinnas & Needles alterations

The guide to winter shirt fabrics

Masaru Okuyama bespoke shoes: Review

December 2019

Video: What 'spalla camicia' really means

Removable fur lining - from Yves Salomon

Merry Christmas everyone!

Junk clothing and joke clothing

Wearing navy trousers as separates

The Permanent Style readership survey (with prize)

PS Watch Caps back in stock

How I'd shop on a budget

Introducing: The indulgent shawl-collar cardigan

Video: How much can you alter a suit?

How cordovan is made, at Horween tannery, Chicago

The velvet jacket and modern evening wear, in Cifonelli 

Interview with Michel Barnes - and L'Etiquette

November 2019

The appeal of shirtmaker Wil Whiting

The polo shirt under knitwear

Vestrucci charcoal suit: Style Breakdown

Video: English and Neapolitan jackets compared

The Anthology bespoke tailoring: Review

Suit Style 7: A guide to pleats on trousers

Alfredo Rifugio: Luxury Neapolitan leather jackets

The weekend capsule wardrobe

Michael Browne: Building the perfect tailor

The Optimo hat factory, Chicago

Video: The cut and parts of a bespoke jacket

Three RTW trousers compared: Drake’s, Anglo-Italian, Anderson & Sheppard

Gaetano Aloisio - by Bruce Boyer

October 2019

Ivy Style today: The Symposium video, New York

Seraphin made-to-order project with Connolly

Red Rabbit silver jewellery, New Mexico

Steven Hitchcock tweed jacket: Style Breakdown

Our Autumn/Winter Top 10, 2019

The best cloths of Autumn/Winter 2019

The vintage industry: Interview with Wooden Sleepers

How to buy vintage clothing: Three experts give their tips

A vintage shopping story: M47 Parka

Marrkt sale: Finding a good home for my second-hand clothes

The (21) shirtmakers I have known

The demise of the influencer?

Come to the next New York Symposium - on Ivy style

Maison Bonnet glasses: Review

Introducing: The Donegal Overcoat

September 2019

The Guide to Trouser Cloths

Video debate: The future of tailoring, with Saman Amel

My tattoo

Suit style 6: Buttons

How great things age: The Belgravia loafer from Edward Green

Retrospecs gold, Chapal sheep, Informale twill, Lof & Tung cordovan

The guide to denim and chambray shirtings

The Trench Coat with casual wear

Blackhorse Lane, Holland and Sherry, Tusting and Stefano Bemer: Pop-up week one

Rubato knitwear: Easy elegance

If you only had five shoes: A capsule collection

Is bespoke worth it?

Asking the next question: An interview with Kirby Allison

August 2019

The knitted, fully fashioned T-shirt

Introducing: Escorial Tweed

The dark shirt

King & Tuckfield: Evolutionary fifties fashion

Panic, spite and satisfaction: My job now

The PS Presents opening party with Holland & Sherry - and new brands added

Fashion terms and what they mean - by Bruce Boyer

Hand-dyed Mandarin jacket from Prologue

Holiday snaps 2019: No shorts in the city

Kindness, sexiness, materialism: Gauthier Borsarello

Video: How a bespoke suit can be repaired

Editing Instagram: Dressing for different walks of life with @UrbanComposition

Cifonelli navy suit: Style breakdown

My glasses: A journey in eyewear

July 2019

Interview: Gene Krell, a life in clothing

Jamie's alternative Pitti picks

Video: How to pack a suitcase

What is authenticity?

The pop-up shop is back in September, with six new brands

Gieves & Hawkes bespoke linen suit: Review

The inside of a London factory - by Paul of SEH Kelly

Earthy, refined colours for summer: Biagio Granata, Marol, Baudoin & Lange

If you only had five casual suits: A capsule collection

Couture and bespoke, the linen trouser, and other journalism

Tatsuya Nakamura and Tomoyoshi Takada of Beams - and Ivy Style

The new Lightweight Friday Polo

A guide to high-twist bunches

June 2019

The Wedding Style Guide: It’s not about you

Introducing: The Sartorial Travel Guide

A/MARELLI x Chapman camera bag: Review

Sartoria Melina nubuck bomber jacket

A Pitti diary: The experience, the brands, the parties

Musella-Dembech cotton suit: Style Breakdown

Video: Douglas Cordeaux and Gianluca Migliarotti in conversation

Ciardi jacket in vintage gun-club tweed, from Lafayette Saltiel

The guide to summer shirt fabrics

Which sports-jacket office are you?

Stoffa made-to-measure trousers: Review

May 2019

Giving clothes a new lease of life: The Valet, Real McCoy's, Cleverley

The Japanese Bespoke Symposium, Tokyo

Green/black linen suit, with Davide Taub at Gieves & Hawkes

Fur clothing: Ethics and sustainability

Video: A conversation of cordwainers

PS shirts available to try in Prologue, Stefano Bemer, and Whitcomb & Shaftesbury

The guide to synthetic and performance cloth

Re-introducing, the Dartmoor polo-collar sweater!

The colours and combinations of Hermes

England and Florence: Understated, rural style

Kathryn Sargent chalk-stripe suit: Style Breakdown

How sustainable is luxury, bespoke clothing?

Biagio Granata summer jacket: Review

The future of media and fashion: Handcut Radio interview

Come to the Japanese Bespoke Symposium - in Tokyo

PS Shorts back in stock (with new khaki)

April 2019

Working with craft companies - a talk with Douglas, Gianluca and myself

If you only had five business suits: A capsule collection

Men need a core casual wardrobe

Our Spring/Summer Top 10, 2019

Maison Bonnet bespoke glasses: The craft in London

Dalcuore brown suit: Style Breakdown

Prologue semi-bespoke summer jacket: Review

My new favourite underwear: Hamilton & Hare lyocell

Introducing: The reversible Valstarino

Menswear craft in China and Hong Kong: Symposium video

The Armoury tailoring: Ring Jacket, Orazio, Liverano

Saman Amel, Licia Luchini, Billy Tannery: Things that didn't quite work

Video: How to buy a bespoke suit

A Connolly tonal outfit: cream, grey and brown

March 2019

The shoe Super Trunk in London - and best shoemaking in the world

Dressing for complexion and skin colour: Should you care?

Everyday Denim shirts back in stock, and Lighter Denim for the first time

The best cloths of Spring/Summer 2019

Hermes silk printing, Lyon: Factory visit

Artisan of the year 2019: Gaziano & Girling (or, the ideal artisanal journey)

Seeing the trees for the wood: Connolly and Yard-O-Led on The Rake

Bryceland’s: Sawtooth shirt review and range overview

Best lookbook 2019: Drake’s (or, what is heritage summer?)

Rubinacci donegal jacket: Style breakdown

Video: A bespoke shirt fitting

The Grand from Baudoin & Lange: Review

The Guide to Performance Shirtings

February 2019

Best US shop 2019: The Armoury (or, how to break the US)

Introducing: The leather envelope folio

Our first Hong Kong Symposium - please RSVP

The pop-up, the goods, and the opening party

Best-dressed man 2019: @Gusvs9 (or, dressing simply but well)

Optimo bespoke felt hat: Review

The Joshua Ellis mill: Factory visit

Video: Buying a pair of bespoke shoes

Pop-up number 4! Come to the opening party...

Milano Unica: My first visit to the cloth fair

Introducing: Striped PS Oxford cloth

Sartoria Ciardi cotton suit: Style breakdown

One million readers on Permanent Style

Carreducker: The pains of learning to saddle stitch

Strong colour in accessories

January 2019

The unique workwear of SEH Kelly

New York bespoke tailors - Updated

Japanese boro cloth: Sri Threads, Brooklyn

Watch Caps back in stock - in navy and cream

Video: How to care for wool knitwear

New pop-up brands announced: Adret, Prologue, Anthology

Two reader stories: Starting and building a wardrobe

Yves Salomon: re-using, remodelling fur

Belted polo coat, from Whitcomb & Shaftesbury

The Permanent Style Awards 2019

How to wear a horsehide jacket: Armoury x Real McCoy's

New pop-up shop - with Bryceland's, Optimo and more

How to layer knitwear

Frank Clegg, Fall River: Factory visit

December 2018

Everyday Denim cloth back in stock

Olive-green corduroy suit - from Ettore de Cesare

Merry Christmas everyone

Solito summer jacket: Style breakdown

The rules and how to break them 9: Tan shoes with pale trousers

What's been your favourite post?

The guide to overcoating cloths

Amended Friday Polos in stock - and available to try on

Optimo hats, Chicago

Ciro Zizolfi bespoke tweed jacket: Review

I hate Christmas jumpers

Licia Luchini: Bespoke knitwear, Florence

Holiday giveaway competition, and pre-worn sale of my clothes

November 2018

Christmas gift list 2018

The Armoury trousers: Osaku, Pommella, Ring Jacket, Rota

Liverano & Liverano purple jacket: Style Breakdown

The PS square scarf: available again

How I dress now: The jacket/trousers uniform

The guide to Superfine shirtings

The Blackhorse Lane haberdashery

Bespoke v Made-to-Measure: Eduardo de Simone jackets

The appeal of workwear, and my favourite pieces

Video: Maintaining and caring for your suit

White tie and blue shirt: Sunny formal in Sartoria Ciardi

George the Presser

Video: The New York Symposium - Dressing up and down

October 2018

Introducing: The PS Bridge Coat

No Man Walks Alone A/W: Frank Leder, Monitaly, Soulive, Sage de Cret

Ferdinando Caraceni herringbone suit: Style breakdown

The New York Symposium: Speakers and audience

John Demsey hosts Budd and Anderson & Sheppard

How to polish shoes: Part 2, polish and mirror shine

The best cloths of Autumn/Winter 2018

Introducing: Everyday Lighter Denim

How to polish shoes: Part 1, context and cream

Nicola Cornacchia: Bread and murals in Puglia

Our Autumn/Winter Top 10, 2018

Charcoal donegal-tweed jacket - from Steven Hitchcock

Why I quit my job

Now available: PS Oxford shirts

The guide to cashmere and precious fibres

September 2018

Dunhill leather and knitwear: Taste, style and fashion

Jacket and jeans: vintage cashmere from Eduardo de Simone

The New York Symposium - please RSVP!

The guide to casual shirt fabrics

Should your belt match your shoes? (Or bag)

Paris: Lafayette Saltiel, Kenjiro Suzuki, Ateliers Baudin

Camps de Luca pick-and-pick suit: Style Breakdown

How to hold trunk shows

Sapayol bespoke leather jacket: Review

How to buy quality: The Guide

Bespoke pyjamas - at Burgos, Madrid

Clothing Resources: Places to clean, alter and repair

Summer shoe constructions; Gaziano & Girling Fresco

August 2018

If you only had five shirts: A capsule collection

Sartoria Pasinato cavalry-twill suit: Review

The Finest Knitwear back in stock

Chittleborough & Morgan twill suit: Style breakdown

The rules and how to break them 8: Button a DB

Meyrowitz sunglasses with tailoring; Paying for good advice

The summer tie

The quality of 100 Hands shirts

The Permanent Style Guides

Suit Style 5: Selecting colour and pattern

Sartoria Panico grey-flannel suit: Review

Introducing: The lightweight Friday Polo

Summer outfits at the Huntsman dinner 2018

How I filter fashions

July 2018

Where and why I shop: Wei Koh, The Rake

Huntsman tweed jacket: Style breakdown

Popular at the pop-up: Hollywood tops, linen shirts, navy twill and navy tebas

Kirk Originals sunglasses, Simpson London, and the pop-up opening party

Everyday Denim cloth - new batch!

How leather is tanned: Billy Tannery goat leather

Prologue: China-made sartorial-style tailoring

Blue Bespoke shoes from Stefano Bemer: Value bespoke

Come to the pop-up opening party!

Double-breasted cotton jacket and striped shirt

The first fitting process - with Sartoria Pasinato

Saman Amel knitwear: Review

The next pop-up shop - in Fortnum & Mason!

June 2018

Summer checked jacket - at the Dalcuore Rakishman day

Anderson & Sheppard two-button jacket: Style Breakdown

Short-sleeved Friday Polos available

Media Symposium - The debate

The Media Symposium - the dinner and party

Come to (Summer) dinner at Huntsman

A guide to linen bunches

Paolo Scafora handmade shoes - Factory visit, Naples

Indigo, navy and natural: A summer combination

Henry Poole double-breasted suit: Style Breakdown

Video: How to wear a pocket handkerchief

Eduardo de Simone (Edesim) - The factory and the future of MTM

Video: In conversation with Lorenzo

May 2018

Introducing: The PS Shorts

The Guide to Linen

Richard Anderson tuxedo: Style breakdown

The Tailor Styles series

The Media Symposium - please RSVP

Hopsack and linen trousers - in humid Hong Kong

How great things age: Levi’s bespoke jeans

The guide to business shirt fabrics

Hong Kong: A sartorial shopping guide

Vintage gold cuff

Introducing: PS Oxford fabric

Point collars - at Budd

Travel jacket, knitwear and serge trousers

Our Spring/Summer Top 10, 2018

April 2018

Suit Style 8: Trouser measurements, style and proportions

The next Symposium: Menswear and modern media

Friday Polos back in stock - with new Olive

Sartoria Melina - first London trunkshow, and talk

100 Hands shirts: Made in Amritsar, India

Holiday snaps 2018: Eidos, Aspesi, Doek, Drake's

Filling the gaps: Six pairs of odd trousers

The best cloths of Spring/Summer 2018

Dealing with losing and gaining weight

The guide to shirting weaves and designs

Melbourne: A sartorial shopping guide

Sartoria Pasinato: Progressive tailoring in Vicenza, Italy

Wearing warm and cold colours

The Guide to Tweed

March 2018

Sartoria Panico fitting (and a roll neck for a long, hard day)

Sartoria Vestrucci charcoal-flannel suit: Review

Combining colours and patterns: How to dress like Andreas Weinas

Saint Crispin's shoes: Reflections two years later

Video: Sartoria Ciardi in conversation

Unexpected texture and colour - Denim and linen

The fashions of classic menswear

Everyday Denim shirts available

The Style Lookbook

The duffle coat

How to look after suede jackets - Video

Ring Jacket, Japan - Factory visit

Monochrome and concrete: Styling grey, charcoal and white

February 2018

Five paradigms of casual clothing: Which do you wear?

Watch caps back in stock

An evening with Ciardi

Sartoria Ciardi Neapolitan bespoke suit: Review

How great things age: Gieves & Hawkes bespoke pea coat

How to pick shirt fabric

The roll neck

Blackhorse Lane - innovative, sartorial jeans

Fox re-weave my ecru cavalry twill

B&Tailor jacket via Robin Pettersson: Review

How a hat should fit (with Stephen Temkin fedora)

Brand round-up: Lefren, Castore, Ashmei, Jago

Best Artisan of 2018: Musella Dembech (Or, rating a suit purely on emotion)

January 2018

Best-dressed man 2018: Ethan Newton (or, how to dress the larger man)

Suit-carrier holdalls and Trench coats back in stock

Best Brand 2018: Drake's (or, how to expand a brand)

Best Media 2018: 'Die, Workwear!' (or, why we need independent voices)

Best Customer Service 2018: No Man Walks Alone (or, the future of retail)

Saman Amel made-to-measure jacket: Review

The Shirtmakers Symposium - The video debate

Technical details at the Shirtmakers Symposium

The Shirtmakers Symposium - The speakers

How to look after your shoes

Introducing: The Permanent Style watch cap

Gaziano & Girling introduces my loafer - 'The Crompton'

Liverano & Liverano ulster coat: Review

The Permanent Style Awards

Reflections on bespoke: Stoffa, Richard James, Camps de Luca

December 2017

Brands need to talk about product

Gaziano & Girling bespoke loafers - Review

Permanent Style, Shibumi and Bennett Winch at Vestrucci

Merry Christmas - and here's to 2018

A casual capsule: The Valstarino jacket three ways

We are 10! (What was your best bit?)

The Guide to Flannel

Shibumi ties, Burgos shirts and tebas - in the pop-up

Codis Maya and The Workers Club - in the pop-up

Am I effeminate? Am I vain? Reader questions on style and its context

Field jacket, rollneck and flannels

Edward Sexton ready-to-wear: Hollywood-top trousers, shirts and knitwear

High/low dressing

The many sides of buying more ethical clothing

Shirtmakers and details announced for the Symposium

Begg, J. Girdwood and The Rake (Chapal, Sciamat, 100 Hands, Norman Vilalta...)

November 2017

The Armoury at the pop-up: College cardigan, 'Marc' coat and Real McCoy's T-shirts

Christmas gift list 2017

Sartoria Ciardi - The next generation

Baudoin & Lange women's shoes (and Luca Faloni, and Honorific)

Simpson London leather goods - Factory visit

The Drake's x Permanent Style outfit

Fox trousers (And everything else from Day 1 of the pop-up)

The one-piece Friday Polo

Stivaleria Savoia bespoke shoes: Review

Introducing: The Suit-Carrier Holdall

Pop-Up: The Opening Party

Cromford Leather: Update, workshop, and vintage jackets

Come to The Shirtmakers Symposium

Pommella bespoke trousers - Review

The Pop-Up Shop is back!

October 2017

Umbria Verde knitwear: Factory visit

Bespoke brass jewellery: Diana Maynard

Finest Knitwear available again - in navy and green

Buttons online - Bernstein & Banleys

Musella Dembech double-breasted cotton suit - Review

Sartoria Panico - a last great of Neapolitan tailoring

Everyday Denim cloth available again

Enzo Bonafe hand-welted shoes - factory visit

How to wear trainers: Part 3. Style

Our Autumn knitwear Top 10

Sartoria Melina bespoke leather jacket - Review

How to wear trainers: Part 2. Quality

Introducing: Everyday Denim

The future of Permanent Style products

Musella Dembech: Growth at the 'soft Milanese' tailor

September 2017

Marol shirts - coming to London

Me, outside the blog: Reader questions

Sartoria Formosa - bespoke-made RTW and MTM tailoring

Saic: bespoke bag-maker Hiroyuki Murata

Bespoke commissions - What I should and shouldn't have

Permanent Style trench coat: Alterations and waiting list

The Ambrosi workshop, Naples

The Permanent Style trench coat - new stock and sizes

Introducing: The Permanent Style trench coat

You are the interviewer

Caccioppoli, cloth merchant of Naples

The growth of bespoke and customised glasses

Saman Amel - Classic tailoring with a modern aesthetic

Sartoria Melina - bespoke Neapolitan leather

Michael Norman dry cleaning (previously Press2Dress)

August 2017

Italian aristocracy: Black and white

Factory visit: Albini shirtings

Dalcuore: Gigi on expansion, craft and young tailors

Barbarulo 1894 - Neapolitan handmade jewellery

A history of modern perfume

Anglo-Italian denim and Ralph Lauren cardigan

How to dress for very hot weather

Response from P Johnson

Wear a jacket

Sage green and tobacco brown - earthy summer

P Johnson tailoring - Review

Accessories for holiday

Ettore de Cesare workshop, Naples

Interview: Isabel Ettedgui, Connolly

July 2017

The Hollywood-top trouser - from Edward Sexton

The D'Avino shirt workshop - Somma Vesuviana, Naples

The 'Style Guide' dinner: What is the essence of style?

The guide to summer jacket cloths

Marco Cerrato - the family trouser workshop

What I pack when I travel

Pale summer colours (in vintage linen)

Connolly: Style and fashion meet on Clifford Street

Naples: A sartorial shopping guide

Special order for Friday Polos ends tomorrow

Sartoria Vestrucci launches: Bespoke and ready-to-wear tailoring

Baudoin & Lange sagans - my colour

My desk

Brand round-up: Rubinacci, CQP and Carl Friedrik

June 2017

Ettore de Cesare - Neapolitan summer blazer and top coat

Special order of Friday Polos - including XS and XXL

Wearing black (in a sports jacket)

Stivaleria Savoia: Bespoke shoemaker, Milan

Drape and extended shoulders: The Disguisery

A Lange & Sohne watches: Factory visit

How a hand-sewn alligator strap is made

D'Avino linen shirts - in denim, oatmeal and green

The Style Guide: accessories style, as more stockists announced

Stoffa suede flight jacket - Review

Our Summer Top 10

Charvet bespoke shirt: Review

Clothing shows we care

May 2017

Olive covert-cloth suit, from Sartoria Vergallo

Marcus Malmborg: Eidos made-to-measure in London

Anglo-Italian: Jake Grantham and Alex Pirounis open in London

Ludovic Lunetier - bespoke glasses, Brussels

The perfect wedding suit

Short-sleeve Friday Polos are back!

Shirting mills and brands explained

Summer colours: Tobacco and tan

The guide to summer trouser cloths

No Symposium this summer. (Boooo!)

Bigi ties - Milan workshop

Shorts, slubs and natural colours: My pieces from No Man Walks Alone

Seven levels of formality


My Corthays - colours, issues and pleasures

April 2017

Ambrosi ready-to-wear trousers

Battle Hymn

Style Guide - the partners shoot

Japanese craft in Kyoto: Hosoo, Kaikado, Kohchosai Kosuga

Designing bespoke glasses - General Eyewear, London

The versatile outerwear of The Workers Club

Skoaktiebolaget and Stoffa in How To Spend It

The vintage feel of Tie Your Tie (and Sevenfold, Kenji Kaga...)

Trunk shows coming up, around the world...

How to buy 'The Style Guide'

US book launch - at The Armoury, New York

Bespoke double-breasted denim jacket - from Cifonelli, Paris

P Johnson: Contemporary, made-to-measure tailoring

'The Style Guide': Wearing texture in a jacket

March 2017

Coherence: Vintage-inspired Japanese outerwear

The state of British manufacturing: A debate at Private White

Super Trunk coming to London

Sartoria Ciccio: Noriyuki Ueki, bespoke tailor, Japan

'The Style Guide' to launch at Fenwick of Bond Street

Cavalry twill for trousers

Friday Polo and Finest Knitwear update

Brand round-up: R. Culturi, Mes Chaussettes Rouges, Private White, Pochette Square, The Morning Company

How to stretch your sweaters (properly)

Stòffa: Beautiful, refined, made-to-measure (and now in London)

Robb Report: The beauty of bags, and Japanese artisans

The Finest Knitwear - now available online

Superfines: The story of refining wool

Baudoin & Lange, Luca Faloni, Hanger Project and Begg: PS favourites in the pop-up

General Eyewear: bespoke and ready-made glasses, Camden

British manufacturing: A talk at Private White

Fox Brothers vintage cloth - available in the pop-up

Savile Row pop-up shop: The opening party

The Armoury: Do you know about the trousers?

February 2017

Codis Maya enamel cufflinks and jewellery

Honorific: The Permanent Style valet stand

We're open!

Introducing: The Finest Knitwear

Kimonos and their silk: Bespoke at Motoji, Tokyo

Satoki Kawai of Sartoria Cresent: bespoke tailor, Milan

Building a wardrobe: Bespoke shoes

Cromford: Leather jacket alterations and bespoke

Pop-up shop: The brands and the opening party

Signor Francesco: bespoke tailor, Toronto

The Friday Polos are back in stock

482,000 and counting

Well this is exciting

The Dunhill archive

January 2017

Video: Evening wear at the Huntsman dinner

Corduroy suit from Sartoria Pirozzi, Naples

The 'Guide to Cloth' microsite

Huntsman dinner: The reader outfits

Huntsman dinner: The evolution of formal wear

The guide to cloth: Weaves and designs

Mark Cho of The Armoury on independent retail

Retailers Symposium: The discussion

Retailers Symposium: The party pics

Brown in town: Donegal-tweed suit, Dalcuore

Retailers Symposium: The speakers

How great things age: Cleverley Russian-reindeer monks

Harris Tweed waistcoat, Richard James

Building a wardrobe: Neapolitan tailoring

The sweater over the shoulders

The importance of fit

December 2016

Private White VC - Factory visit

Staples for a hot climate - Reader question

Double-breasted flannel suit - with pink and green

Saint Crispin's: Relasting, boots and US activities

Japanese trouser makers: Osaku and Igarashi

Graham Browne Christmas sale 2016

How sartorial principles can apply to casual clothing

My seasonal selection on No Man Walks Alone

Cover story in Plaza Uomo

Ludwig Reiter shoes - Factory visit

Come to dinner at Huntsman

'Snob' Tailoring book republished

Unstructured casentino coat - Rubinacci x The Rake

The PS square scarf is back! (With new colours and a bit of brass)

Esquire names me one of the 10 most influential of 2016

Come to the next Symposium: The future of independent shops

Update: the Trunk Show calendar

November 2016

The cap

Japanese shoemakers: Yohei Fukuda, Marquess, Yuki Shirahama

Brand round-up: Alexander Kraft, Loic et Gil, Christian Kimber, Asket

Review: Craftsman Co made-to-measure suede jacket

Sasuke: Master Japanese knife-maker, Sakai, Osaka

Video: The Young Tailors Symposium

Stephen Temkin of Leon Drexler custom hats, Toronto

A pale-grey jacket with green corduroy

The A-Z of cloth

Collaboration: Made-to-order Lavabre Cadet gloves

The sartorial journey: How to dress like George Wang

Ethan Newton's Tokyo store - Bryceland's Co

Interview: Brunello Cucinelli on formal/informal style

October 2016

The guide to worsted suitings

Brussels craft event

Wearing a grey linen shirt - or the virtues of grey with green

Ortus bespoke leather goods, Tokyo

Luca Faloni knitwear - a high-quality staple

Japanese tailors: Anglofilo, Sartoria Domenica, Vick Tailor and Pecora Ginza

The guide to jacketings

The Permanent Style trunk show

Friday Polos available again - with new brown colour!

Video: Edward Green shoes being made in Northampton

Ferdinando Caraceni double-breasted cotton jacket

Repairing, darning and reviving cashmere: Love Cashmere, Hawick

Interview: John Happ of Alden, and the danger of fashion

Sartoria Pirozzi at E Marinella, and the 'three-way' suit

Ballantyne/Berk cashmere available again

September 2016

Japanese retail and the growth of bespoke

The basics of selecting cloth

Introducing: The Guide to Cloth

Gaziano & Girling bespoke loafers (and the beauty of refinement)

Cerrato bespoke trousers, Naples

Serge Amoruso leather goods, Paris

Gaziano & Girling celebrate 10 years

Introducing: The trunk show calendar

How to talk to a tailor

D'Avino in London

The corduroy suit

Permanent Style trunk show: Heurtault, Amoruso, Cerrato, Lavabre Cadet

Summer dressing in Robb Report; tailors and SMN in How to Spend It

Chapal made-to-measure leather jacket, Paris

Ayres Goncalo: bespoke tailor, Porto

Five double-breasted styles compared

August 2016

Chinos, loafers and a sports jacket (or sweater)

A very modern cut: Kotaro Miyahira of Sartoria Corcos, Florence

Why I don't wear braces

A lapis-blue linen jacket for summer

AW Bauer & Co - bespoke tailor, Stockholm

How to respond to criticism


Richard James bespoke tailoring

The suede blouson for travel

Johnston's of Elgin: Factory visit

Manning & Manning suit - with an Italian Background

Book review - The Suit: Form, Function and Style

Holiday snaps 2016: Linen bomber, cotton trousers, espadrilles

July 2016

Suit Style 4: Flattering the tall and the short

How to dress pale colours for summer

Coarse vs fine cottons in tailoring

Bennett Winch bags: Luxury canvas

The appeal of the cotton suit - bespoke from Elia Caliendo

The best fit yet: Stefano Bemer tobacco-suede oxfords

Introducing: The short-sleeved Friday Polo

Modern running brands: Tracksmith, Soar, Iffley Road

Interview: Gregor Thissen, Scabal

Dege & Skinner finished tobacco-linen suit

The Permanent Style cufflinks

How to use the new website

June 2016

The Sagan loafers are ready, from Baudoin & Lange

Suit style 3: The double breasted

Video: A hand-sewn wallet, from start to finish

Video: Cycling and style

Dalcuore bespoke brown Crispaire suit

The Young Tailors Symposium - discussion

The Young Tailors Symposium - filming on the roof

The Pitti of silly walks

How to dress for summer - Reader question

Charvet bespoke shirts, Paris

Brand round-up: Inhedited, Coast Society, J Hopenstand, Cavesson's

The Sagan: A high-end Belgian loafer from Allan Baudoin

Levi's bespoke jeans - Update and 501st pair

The Holland & Sherry cloths I have known

Dege & Skinner tobacco linen suit

May 2016

Colour combinations, from casual to formal

Young tailors take over Instagram!

Suit style 2: The single breasted

Saint Crispin's shoes - Review

Sky-blue tweed jacket from Steven Hitchock

Simonnot-Godard handkerchiefs

Black suede shoes, and cream knitwear

Trousers to wear with grey jackets - Reader question

The Young Tailors Symposium at Pitti Uomo

Drakes made-to-order ties

My favourite pieces on No Man Walks Alone

The style and tradition of Dege & Skinner

Introducing the new Permanent Style

Suits through the decades: Bryan Manning on costume

Maison Bourgeat - finished bespoke glasses

My 10 style commandments

Scabal: Why make your own swatch books?

Philippe Atienza, bespoke shoemaker, Paris

April 2016

Suit style 1: The difference between bespoke, made-to-measure and ready-to-wear

Foster & Son bespoke shoes: Review

Video: Quality and craft, an interview at LeatherFoot, Toronto

Manning & Manning bespoke tailoring

James Smith & Son umbrellas, London

The Rake collaborations

How to wear trainers - 1: Design

Edward Sexton long overcoat - finished

Seraphin leather jackets - factory visit

Your next sports jacket: Oatmeal cashmere from Elia Caliendo

Book signing at the Opening of LeatherFoot, Toronto

Frank Clegg bags - five years later

Interviews in Sharp and Mr magazines

Florence: A sartorial shopping guide

Escorial jacket: The modernity of muted colours

I work in an office

March 2016

Drake's soft, stylish jackets

Whitcomb & Shaftesbury visit the US

Final bespoke gilet, Davide Taub at Gieves & Hawkes

Santa Maria Novella, Florence - the factory and the quality

Friday Polos - it's down to the last few...

Book signing in Toronto, Canada

How wide should my jacket lapels be?

How I get dressed in the morning

Lavabre Cadet glove maker, Paris-Millau

Bespoke suede jacket - Cifonelli

Friday Polo - update on latest batch

Seraphin leather jackets, Paris

Which house style suits your body shape?

Book signing at Paul Stuart, New York

The Friday Polo - next batch available

February 2016

Salvatore Ambrosi trousers - review

The 10 rakish men... have lunch

Air force (RAF) blue flannel suit: Whitcomb & Shaftesbury

Sheep to shop - Private White in Manchester

BTBA dinner: The best-dressed men in black tie

The bespoke tailors dinner: an homage

Which office are you? (Or, a sliding scale of formality)

The stories of Lock & Co hatters

Whitcomb & Shaftesbury final suit - great value bespoke

Cartoon by Mr Slowboy

Sartoria Dalcuore bespoke, brown high-twist suit

How to Spend It: Buyers' style at Pitti

Brands review III: Son of a Tailor, d'Alembert, SAAL, Aether sunglasses

The history and families of fragrance

Floris bespoke perfume

January 2016

Commuting by bike - what to keep in the office

New York book signing - please come!

Edward Sexton long, grey overcoat

Accessories Symposium: The debate

Accessories Symposium: Our speakers

Scarf outfits: Solito, Cifonelli, Anderson & Sheppard

The Accessories Symposium, Pitti Uomo

Video: How to tie a scarf

What is sprezzatura?

If you only had five handkerchiefs - a capsule collection

Video: The Tailoring Symposium

Maison Bourgeat - bespoke glasses, Paris

The in-between (pub, weekend) jacket from Stile Latino

December 2015

Stile Latino grey double-breasted coat

Nineteen of our squares left... (and the virtues of pale-grey flannel)

Interview: Pier-Luigi Loro Piana

Heurtault umbrellas, Paris

The Accessories Symposium: Drake's, Begg, Simonnot-Godard...

Are you for sale?

Jean-Claude Colban, Charvet

Stockholm: A sartorial shopping guide

Whitcomb & Shaftesbury - first fitting

A 2015 Christmas list

Edward Sexton flannel - When to wear a suit

Best of British book launch - at Anderson & Sheppard

Paris, Mr Porter, and Dalcuore visiting London

Making a bespoke suede jacket

November 2015

Permanent Style square - 50 left

Best of British: Buy your personalised copy

Clothing is not important

Final Camps de Luca grey suit

Video: How to press suit trousers

How to wear the PS square scarf

The 10 Most Rakish Men

Cleverley bespoke sample sale - one day only

Introducing: the PS square scarf

Get ahead on Instagram

Review: The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear

The benefits of building a shoe wardrobe - new Edward Green site

Video: How to press a jacket

Teaser: Permanent Style scarf collaboration

What is quality? What about design? - Stockholm book launch

October 2015

Double-breasted checks, and cream trousers

Viccel over-the-calf socks

Video: Hand-sewing a belt (and a watch strap)

If you only had five ties - a capsule collection

Cifonelli bespoke suede jacket

Video: How to look after your suit

Salva and Philip in London this week

Come to the Paris book launch

Whitcomb & Shaftesbury - foreign bespoke

Sheep on the Row - on film

Tips on buying an overcoat

Launch party in Stockholm

New York: A sartorial city guide

Wearing a jacket and jeans

Mont Blanc leather facility, Florence

Sheep on the Row

Friday Polos - 13 left

The casual waistcoat: preppy herringbone

Green flannel suit - from Brian Smith

September 2015

The Friday Polo - next batch available

How great things age: Bespoke leather jacket

How smart is my tie?

My vintage leather folio: How great things age

Sheep return to Savile Row!

Steven Hitchcock fitting: Let the tailor cut his style

Launch party: The Finest Menswear in the World

Milan: A sartorial city guide

Updates: Polo shirts, book orders

Simone Abbarchi shirt fitting

I am not a gentleman

Rubinacci linen suit - on Wei

Updates: Robert Noble, tote bag, book launch...

Checked jackets and accessories

Luca and Luigi in New York

Exquisite Trimmings and Monsieur Fox trunk show

Stile Latino - from Vincenzo Attolini

August 2015

The PS tote bag now available - exclusively to readers

Robert Noble closes down in Peebles

Bespoke gilet with Davide Taub

How to wear a casual linen hank: less contrast, less colour

Come to the book launch: The Finest Menswear in the World

Merz b Schwanen loopwheeler knitwear

What is worth being made bespoke?

House styles and difficult customers: The Tailoring Symposium

Casual tie and sports jacket (military donegal denim chino)

My go-to pieces: overcoats, navy cashmere, and brown shoes

London: A sartorial city guide

Jean Rousseau, Mont Black and Frederic Malle - HTSI

Fun with flowers: wearing a buttonhole

Thank you for 432 and counting

Do I need black shoes (and if so, which?) - Reader question

Order a personal copy of 'The Finest Menswear in the World'

Quality control at Mont Blanc leather goods

July 2015

Do you have knowledge, taste, or style?

Chapal leather jackets, France

Teaser: Our new tote bag

A hot, formal evening in Florence

Simone Abbarchi - finished bespoke shirt

The beauty of a vintage alligator cigar case: How great things age

Interview in Fashion (the magazine)

Wearing colour: Tobacco jacket and cream trousers

The Finest Menswear in the World

Five tips on suit alterations

Drake's factory sale

The Friday polo - thanks, and a few left

The Friday Polo - limited availabilty now

Salvatore Ambrosi bespoke trousers - in London

The BTBA summer party

Edward Green pop-up sale, from Thursday

Little things every day: How to maintain clothing

Ferdinando Caraceni bespoke cashmere jacket

Grey cashmere and brown flannel: Caraceni and Abbarchi

June 2015

Permanent Style 2015 launch at Globe-Trotter

Our arts and crafts

Simone Abbarchi shirts, Florence

Getting dressed: Tan jacket and green linen trousers

Symposium: The party pics

Tailoring Symposium: the outfits

The Tailoring Symposium: six greats in one room

Wearing sports jackets and texture: How to dress like Alan See

Remember, events are on Instagram

Brio menswear store - Beijing, China

Almost ready - suits being made for our Tailoring Symposium

How to make a cheap suit look good

Permanent Style launch party - London!

Interview: Frederic Malle, selecting perfume

Short video from Vitale Barberis event in Milan

Zampa di Gallina: Neapolitan retail

Edward Sexton grey flannel suit

The Tailors Symposium, at Pitti this June

Ten bags over ten years

May 2015

Hopsack blazer: the perfect summer jacket

Interview: Jonathan Cheung, Head of Design, Levi's

Permanent Style 2015 - on Instagram

Change your laces

The Gathering craft dinner: The video

Savile Row's driving jackets for Bentley

Siniscalchi bespoke shirts, Milan

Herringbone jacket fitting - Ferdinando Caraceni

Book launch at Brio, Beijing

The 1-6 suit rating system

Saint Crispin's and Camps de Luca visit London

How shoes should fit

Grey shirts with grey suits, at Milan launch

April 2015

Permanent Style 2015 is live! ..How to buy

The Gathering film: A trailer

Dege & Skinner celebrate 150 years

Interview: Jonathan Clay and the story of Italian suit manufacture

The knitted T-shirt

Permanent Style 2015... almost here

Tony Gaziano: How Gaziano & Girling started

Brands review II: Vocier, Simon& Me, Moreca, The Personal Barber

Permanent Style dinner: The Gathering

Thank you (in Cifonelli and Begg)

Alice Made This - craft in industrial design

The versatility of a gilet

More materialism, less consumerism

Dinners with our favourite people

Huntsman hires Campbell Carey and Robert Bailey

Scuola del Cuoio, Florence

Wearing odd waistcoats

March 2015

David Gale at Hilditch & Key

Talking through the Barbour archive

The subtlety of a suede jacket

Introducing, Permanent Style 2015

Ghurka luggage launches in the UK

Jean-Claude Colban of Charvet, Paris

Begg and Barbour in HTSI

Barbour: The archive

A farewell to Camps de Luca on Place de la Madeleine

Wear a flower in your buttonhole

Bespoke Santoni shoes - Fatto a Mano Su Misura

The formality of trousers: Reader question

D'Avino shirts - the zenith of visiting Italians

Norman Vilalta at Leffot in New York

Barbour: Factory and repairs

In front of the Barbour beacon

February 2015

Böle's spruce-bark bags

Green cotton trousers, photobombed

How many tailors do you need?

Two interviews

Memories of BeShoes

Reflections on bespoke 2: J Panther, Tom Davies and Steven Hitchcock

Filson bags

Quality, embroidery and mechanisation - at Begg

How to wear a black necktie - reader question

Jonathan Cusick cartoon

Santoni shoes

How to dress like Bruce Boyer 2: Q&A

Calvo de Mora donegal jacket

New York: Drake's and Armoury sample sale

Sunspel expands my favourite T-shirts

January 2015

Pattern making at Foster & Son

A bootmaking story: 'Quality', by John Galsworthy

Personal style: How to dress like Bruce Boyer

Cifonelli double-breasted overcoat

J Adler bespoke shoes: review

A Pitti apologetic

Pitti celebrities

Bespoke shoes event: The people, the party

Bespoke shoes event: the speakers

BeShoes: The shoe symposium at Pitti Uomo

Pitti on Instagram

A green cotton suit?

New colours of the Perfect Socks

Coats, gloves, shirts and jeans: Reflections on bespoke

Reillo, Madrid: Bespoke cotton suit

Cordings: quality and integrity, if not luxury

December 2014

Black tie for New Year's Eve

Cleverley Russian-reindeer double monks

Luxury profit margins

Begg & Co: luxury scarves, Ayr

Permanent Style event: BeShoes

Nineteen socks left!

Begg’s milling machine

Tim Little: bespoke Chelsea boots

Kingsman: British and bespoke

Dunhill bespoke

How a Mackintosh is made

Biggest month ever

The bespoke pea coat - Part 5

The Perfect Socks - opening up Monday

When we write about... E Tautz

The bespoke pea coat - Part 4

November 2014

My Christmas list

The Perfect Socks - Permanent Style x William Abraham

Robert Noble mill, Peebles

Harris tweed jacket and jeans

When we write about… Private White VC

Norman Vilalta: conjuring a boot

Russian reindeer box by Cleverley/Balvenie

Iffley Road pique running kit

How to dress for winter

Langa coming to London

Smedley's slim-fit knitwear reviewed

Final Kiton Lasa jacket

Postcard from Begg - teasels and cream cashmere

Postcard from Mackintosh - drawing on the tables

Postcard from Scotland - crocodile suitcase

October 2014

Denim and tailoring

The Invention of the English Gentleman

The Row's new clothing - 1. Hardy Amies

My adelaides patinated

Bespoke tailoring: cost, margin and value

Tim Little and Grenson, explained

William Abraham socks in HTSI

Interview: Dean Gomilsek-Cole, Turnbull & Asser

BBC interview

Kiton's Lasa - bespoke or made-to-measure?

Anderson & Sheppard online store opens

Luca Avitabile replaces Satriano Cinque

How to wear tan shoes - reader question

Postcard from Paris

Gaziano & Girling guests

Gaziano & Girling launches patina service

September 2014

The eternal style of the shawl-collar cardigan

Gieves & Hawkes made to measure

How to work with travelling tailors: Reader question

Brands review: Deux Cuirs, Svbscription, Cornerstone, Monsieur Fox

Linen suit from Langa: details

Linen suit from Langa, Madrid

Blog do Kadu on Savile Row

Spanish tailors in How to Spend It

Last few days of the Finagon

What we write about when we write about quality

How an overcoat should fit (Cifonelli fitting)  

The Stefano Bemer shoemaking school - 8 months on

A newcomer to quality

August 2014

Clothes for a wedding

How to buy a quality shirt

Johnstons of Elgin

Casual, summer, office attire

Musella Dembech - bespoke at home

Bespoke safari jacket – part 1

The staples of a good wardrobe

The perfect cardigan: Updates and details

The perfect cardigan - Permanent Style x Smedley

Happy holidays

July 2014

Budd bespoke safari jacket

Classics that never get used: Reader question

Stefano Bemer: final bespoke shoes

The Button Queen

The bespoke pea coat - Part 3

Edward Green and Begg pop-up sale

Savile Row, parties and branding

Orazio Luciano: expanding Neapolitan tailoring

Pierre with his Fender

Green, shantung, club (tie)

Ferdinando Caraceni: jacket fitting

Bespoke is the future

St Crispin's sole

Spanish tailors

Five tips on bespoke shoes

A Caraceni: bespoke tailor, Milan

The best shoes for summer

June 2014

Summer: Tan, white and cream


My trainers: Common Projects

Five tips on bespoke suits

Clothes for travel

Ferdinando Caraceni: central Italian tailoring

Permanent Style on Instagram

Shirt cuffs and watches

Foster & Son bespoke shoes: Last-making

How great things age: Levi's 'big E' denim jacket

How Permanent Style started

Cashmere, denim and fresco

Deakin & Francis - England's oldest family jeweller

Camps de Luca suit: fitting

May 2014

The Asprey workrooms, London

Postcards from Madrid

How great things age: Barbour motorcycle jacket

Foster & Son bespoke shoe samples

My watches

Phineas Cole photo shoot and the future of Paul Stuart

William Abraham: behind the scenes

George woos Hollywood: latest How to Spend It column

The Armoury, New York

Postcards from New York

Jackets from sport and war: article in The Telegraph

Building a capsule wardrobe: reader question

Globe-Trotter leather bags

April 2014

Camps de Luca suit, Paris

Gaziano & Girling shop: An opening party for locals

Checks, denim and balance

PA Crowe: City bespoke tailor

The evolution of Globe-Trotter

How to buy a quality watch

Kiton 'Lasa' jacket

How a Globe-Trotter suitcase is made

Levi's final bespoke jeans

Bodileys shoes - John Garner's London Collection

Caruso made to measure, at Trunk

Bespoke leather folio: MES Leather

Hermes silk scarf with Shetland sweater

March 2014

Aubercy shoes, Paris - made-to-order enthusiasm

Buying affordable luxury

Levi's bespoke jeans - the making

Al Bazar, Milan - a style all its own

How to wear a cardigan

Levi's bespoke jeans

Berluti bespoke shoemaking, Paris

Trouser colours to wear with odd jackets

Consider a charcoal tie

Gaziano & Girling bespoke Adelaides

Rota trousers

How to stretch a sweater

A bespoke tour of Paris - Corthay, Cifonelli, Charvet, Camps

W Bill and Smith's sold: Mark Dunsford interview

February 2014

Solito and Satriano in How to Spend It

Neapolitan tweed jacket - Elia Caliendo

The art of shoemakers

Italian double-breasted illustrations

How to compare RTW and MTM suits

Two pairs of Anthony Cleverleys

Vitale Barberis opens archives

D'Avino bespoke denim shirt

William Abraham - innovative, luxury socks

Charvet ties: the cost of choice

Postcard from Paris

Interview: Umberto Angeloni, Caruso

Last day of the Dartmoor

Turms shoe care and shoe accessories

Do comment

How to buy my first bespoke suit - reader question

January 2014

Troubadour leather goods - in HTSI

The Gaziano & Girling store takes shape

Stefano Bemer bespoke - fitting

The Stefano Bemer shoemaking school

Second week of Dartmoor

Shoes for the rain: reader question

Loden top coat from Vergallo

Dartmoor - now available to buy anywhere!

The Dartmoor in grey: Buy the perfect polo

Salvatore Piccolo - bespoke and RTW shirts

Satriano Cinque and Solito dates

New Dartmoor order! But which colour do you want?

How Pitti is changing

Pictures from Pitti Uomo 2014

Pitti on Twitter

The English Gentleman in the War Rooms

The Rake opens London Collections: Men

Eggert - Icelandic fur

Men's hats for winter

The Capote - a Portuguese cape

December 2013

How to wear colour

The bespoke pea coat - Part 2

Interview: Jean-Claude Colban, Charvet

The perfect white shirt, and dress shirt variations

Cifonelli jacket, D'Avino shirt and others

Parisian gentlemen

Arnys bespoke tailoring at Berluti

Animation - in Anderson & Sheppard, Dunhill, Edward Green

Cleverley sample sale on Wednesday

Tortoiseshell and kidskin

Cifonelli update: jersey, overcoats and buttons

Postcard from Paris

Luxury hiking boots in the FT

How to buy a suit

Cifonelli navy suit

Drake's Christmas sale now on

D'Avino shirts, Naples

Casual and formal wear are still closer than you think

A great suit cleaning option: Press2Dress

November 2013

Chittleborough & Morgan suit - at A&S

RRL: Vintage outerwear and modern fit

Get Permanent Style by email

Green is the third colour

Chittleborough & Morgan suit: Part 4

Edward Green Top Drawer

The inside line: Gaziano & Girling in How to Spend It

A (Christmas) word from our sponsors

Three good, three bad

Boglioli and Caruso jackets at Trunk - a guide

The style of cycling

The likely lads

The bespoke pea coat - Part 1

Just four Permanent Style ties left

Luca, Satriano Cinque and A&S collars

October 2013

Pleasures and problems with Passaggio Cravatte

The divergent styles of Cleverley and Gaziano & Girling

How to buy good-value clothes

When Lorenzo met Joe

In praise of the cotton suit

The growth of men's bags - FT article

Last few Permanent Style club ties

Kathryn Sargent: finished women's jacket

Slim-fitting knitwear at Anderson & Sheppard

The Permanent Style club tie

Brits in Hollywood wearing Cleverley

That something special...

New & Lingwood: Colour, collars and capes

First Harrod's video on suits and style

A tailor's prayer

How to wear separate jackets and trousers

Sartorial cyclists

September 2013

Something special is coming...

Stefano Bemer shoes launches in London

Me in Dartmoor; Michael in suede; Thomas joins G&G

Buying a modern man bag

John Carnera with his 1987 shoes

Chittleborough & Morgan suit: Part 3

Gaziano & Girling's new factory

The last few Dartmoors!

Video on suits and their construction

Stefano Bemer bespoke event at New & Lingwood

A good tool for removing pilling from sweaters

Repatinating shoes with Carreducker

How to tie your tie

How to wear T-shirts, jeans and much else

Dressing for the summer, and the kids

August 2013

Permanent Style collaborations

The bespoke leather jacket: Part 6

The bespoke leather jacket: Part 5

Is a bespoke suit made entirely by hand? - Reader question

Gaziano & Girling bespoke: new adelaides and fitting process

Interview in Vestirse Por Los Pies

The bespoke leather jacket: Part 4

Should I change from Turnbull & Asser to Kiton?

The rise of the polo shirt

Satriano Cinque and Solito back in September

How to buy quality shoes

The Dutch auction at Le Noeud Papillon

Drake's buys Rayner & Sturges

The bespoke leather jacket: Part 3

Crockett & Jones: the factory, the shoes, the people

How to buy fragrance - the perfumes

July 2013

Giovanni Barberis Organista

Italy's mills and merchants explained

How to dress in hot weather

VBC Rides!

Vitale Barberis Canonico

Factory sale: Drake's, Edward Green and Mackintosh

The bespoke leather jacket: Part 2

How to buy quality perfume

Royal warrant holders at the Coronation Festival

How to buy a quality panama

The bespoke leather jacket: Part 1

How high should my trousers be? - Reader question

The BTBA summer party

Bright clothing suits the sun

Reminder: The Dartmoor

Chittleborough & Morgan suit: Part 2

OB Approved recommendations

How a shirt should fit

June 2013

Jean Rousseau small leather goods

Permanent Style x John Smedley: The perfect polo

Having a suit dry cleaned: Jeeves of Belgravia

Permanent Style: big in Peru

Navy seersucker suit, Chittleborough & Morgan

Sneak peek: Permanent Style x John Smedley

Savile Row Bespoke at London Collections: Men

Monocle Summer Fayre and Trunk Labs

How to pick buttons for a suit

The 1000th post

How to buy a quality tie

Chris Despos: American bespoke tailoring, via Italy

How bespoke cowboy boots are made: Lee Miller

Craftsmen, kids, writers and readers

Huntsman rehires cutter Gordon Alsleben

Lee Miller, bespoke bootmaker, Austin

Chittleborough & Morgan suit: Part one (a)

Ralph Auriemma takes on Paul Stuart

May 2013

The Permanent Style slippers have arrived

Shoulder pads at Gieves, old silk books and worsted weaving

Silk piece in the Financial Times

Chris Despos, bespoke in Chicago and Dallas

New York, Chicago, Dallas and Austin

Cufflink making with Bill Skinner

How to buy a leather bag on a budget

Ciao Luca and Luigi

Permanent Style cufflinks in gold

Column on We Are The Market

A travel innovation: VBC 1663 Bellagio Rolling Bag

How to wear socks with a suit: Reader question

The Dege & Skinner Phitwell jacket, and more on The Rake

The Stoll cotton-collar knitter

The John Smedley drum

How to buy a quality fountain pen

John Smedley: the factory

Anderson & Sheppard DB jacket

Sartoria Vergallo houndstooth blazer

Liverano & Liverano jacket

Solito jacket

April 2013

Dugdale Towers

Gieves & Hawkes bespoke

WT Johnsons - finishers, Huddersfield

Reader question: Cashmere suits

The Dugdale Brothers archives

Pennine Weavers, Yorkshire

Huddersfield’s mills and merchants explained

How to buy cycling clothing

Chittleborough & Morgan suit: Part one

Justin Fitzpatrick, the Shoe Snob, launches his shoes

Things I was wrong about: The sleeveless cardigan

Crafted: Makers of the exceptional

Cutler & Gross - interview with CEO Majid Mohammadi

Final panama hat from Brent Black

March 2013

Reader question: belts with suits

Sold out!

Only two pairs left!

The perfect travel slipper

Permanent Style x La Portegna

Permanent Style in Free & Easy magazine

Embroidered velvet jacket: Hawthorne & Heaney

Golden Shears 2013

Sartorial synaesthesia

Why sartorialists should love John Smedley

Sean O'Flynn bespoke dress shirt

How to buy a quality leather bag

Why most tailors don’t like clothes

Anderson & Sheppard on Clifford Street: It’s cheap!

Satriano Cinque and Solito in London

Celebration time: Permanent Style tops 300,000 visitors

Repatination from Dandy Shoe Care

Jacket and trouser colours, Rubinacci

February 2013

Chester Mox hand-sewn wallets

James Weir: Style and the tailor

What are your priorities with shirts?

Segun Adelaja: made-to-measure shirt review

Satriano Cinque: Bespoke shirt review

Burgos of Madrid: Bespoke shirt review

Blue shirts: Burgos, Satriano Cinque, Segun Adelaja

Interview: Roubi L'Roubi, Huntsman

Reader question: How to wear a bow tie

Dandy pieces in RISD Museum exhibition

How to buy a quality suit

Latest piece on How to Spend It

The first BTBA annual Dinner

Merola gloves

The style of Francesco Maglia

Fuera de Serie video

Women's tailoring at Kathryn Sargent

January 2013

Simone Righi, Frasi

Begg launches first collection at Pitti

That Times article

Permanent Style picked by The Times

Profile piece in How to Spend It, Spain

My note board on Pinterest

My headphones: Sennheiser Momentum

Hidetaka Fukaya, Il Micio

Emanuele Maffeis shirts

Wallets: reader question

Stefano Bemer shoes back on track

One more

And another

Papped at Pitti

Outerwear at Pitti Uomo 2013

Huntsman sold to Roubi L'Roubi

Pitti Uomo 2012

The state of tailoring in India: Raghavendra Rathore

Jodhpur making

Sartorial column in How to Spend It

Polo and jodhpurs in Jodhpur

December 2012

Thanks for all your support

Christys' hat video

How a felt hat is made: Christys’ factory visitc

Christys' hats, Witney

Reader question: pleats

How great things age: Bown weekend bag

North Sea Clothing

Louis Vuitton Alzer, hand painted

Davide Taub: Style and the tailor

A Cleverley Christmas

Czeslaw Jamrozinski gloves

November 2012

My top 10 books

House of Billiam - bespoke varsity jackets

Double-breasted smoking jacket: Reader question

Alexander Boyd: London city tailor

Shoe shoot for Free and Easy

Review: The Perfect Gentleman, James Sherwood

Ollie Trenchard: Style and the Tailor

Trunk Clothiers launches online retail

Smalto, Paris - more pictures

Smalto: bespoke tailor, Paris

Permanent Style on Twitter

Cherchbi bags: Tweed, leather and brass

Send in your Permanent Style Tweed pics!

Michael Browne: Style and the tailor

Picking a tailor: Reader question

What to wear to the gym

The odd waistcoat for formal occasions

October 2012

Hamilton & Hare boxer shorts

Storing handkerchiefs: Reader question

Revisiting Mario Talarico umbrellas, Naples

Solito jacket, Naples

Satriano Cinque: bespoke shirt, Naples

WW Chan in London this week

Elia Caliendo: tweed jacket

Postcard from Naples

Bespoke box from Linkson Jack

Anderson & Sheppard, Clifford Street is open

Calvo de Mora: bespoke tailor, Madrid

Reillo: bespoke tailor, Madrid

Photos from Permanent Style drinks

Norman Vilalta, Luca and El Aristocrata

Burgos shirts, Madrid

My favourite formal combination

A suit at Thom Sweeney: Reader question

Como silk museum and Le Noued Papillon

September 2012

See you this evening

How to pack a suit jacket: Reader question

Warsaw glove maker: Czeslaw Jamrozinski

Warsaw shoemakers: Kielman and Januszkiewicz

Warsaw tailors: Zaremba, Kierepka and Gest Moda

Permanent Style drinks

Menswear: Vintage postcards from Tom Phillips

Savile Row: A Glimpse into the World of English Tailoring

Paul Stuart's wondrous Autumn colours

Barbour video: the factory and the aftercare

Anderson & Sheppard x The Rake

Interview: Jean Grimbert, Arnys

Manolo Blahnik in Anderson & Sheppard

The printing and aesthetics of Drake’s ties

Reminder: Passaggio regimental ties

Reader question: Side straps and chinos

Anderson & Sheppard: the Clifford Street shop

August 2012

How my grandfather dressed - the photos

How my grandfather dressed

UPDATE: Passaggio Cravatte x Permanent Style

Permanent Style x Passaggio Cravatte: regimental ties

How panama hats are made

What gloves to wear: Reader question

F Scott Fitzgerald on poise and repose

Cleverley chukka boot - casual wear

Brent Black panama hats

How to dress casually: Reader question

Hawthorne and Heaney: embroidery project

Claire Barrett, Hawthorne & Heaney

Wear heavier suits

Alain Stark, Stark & Sons

Santa Maria Novella, Gaziano & Girling and Merchant Fox

New Cifonelli jackets

July 2012

Camps de Luca

Stefano Bemer, farewell

Postcard from Paris

Jeans with a shirt and tie

Hype luggage: Review

Kent Haste & Lachter linen suit

Edward Green and Drake's sale

Blue and brown suit combinations

Pettegola shirts

Elia Caliendo jacket

Peak-lapel single breasted suits

The tailors' summer party

Reader question: What should I buy in London?

Brent Pankhurst: how to maintain my beard

Panta clothing: new trousers and site

June 2012

Buying a versatile black shoe: Reader question

The perfect pants: Stocking up on Zimmerli

What I did this summer

JM Weston, Elia Caliendo and Globe-Trotter

Clothes should be worn

Passaggio Cravatte: Almost all gone

Seasonal sponge and press: Burford Valet

Passaggio Cravatte: first sell outs

Update: Passaggio Cravatte ties

Passaggio Cravatte and Permanent Style offer

Suits: advice from Mr Porter

Tariq Mahmoud: Royal College of Art show

Get your shirts altered – Turnbull & Asser

Kirk Miller, Miller's Oath

The perfect polo shirt - Orlebar Brown

Passaggio Cravatte ties

May 2012

Reader question: Summer shoes

Zilli, Phineas Cole and Paul Stuart custom

Ralph Lauren: The enduring appeal

Barker Black: Derrick Miller, style and a black shop

Lord Willy’s: the best of the quirky tailors

Graham Browne in New York: fittings

Alan Flusser

Leffot shoes: New York is hooked

And so is Steven Hitchcock...

Permanent Style in New York

The pleasures of a gentleman

Louis Vuitton: The Art of Packing

Chambray shirts: the best twist on classic dress

Alfred Sargent factory

Dashing Tweeds cycling clothing

April 2012

Review: Philips Multigroom

GQ interviews me on personal style

La Portegna: simple, supple slippers

Combining pattern and colour in shirts and ties

Golden Acorn cufflinks

Hello from Lyon

Mickey Rourke's bespoke slippers

Reader question: Looking after ties

Steven Hitchcock - the final jacket

Liverano & Liverano trunk show

The Craftsman, by Richard Sennett

Sette ties: true seven folds

Suede shoes at the weekend

Alfred Dunhill bespoke glasses case

March 2012

Henri Urban pockets, Sartoria Vergallo

Reader question: first bespoke, in Hong Kong

Tom Davies horn glasses

Interview: Brunello Cucinelli on pale colours

Sartoria Vergallo, final suit

Three truths, universally acknowledged

Giancarlo Maresca

How to stop sweaters pilling

Thom Sweeney jacket and trousers

Weaving the Permanent Style Tweed

How bespoke tailors work

The Rake online

Naples and its tailors

The history of Drake's

February 2012

A short guide to ties

Pierre Corthay, London glaçage evening

Graham Browne: Neapolitan lining

Davide Taub joins Gieves & Hawkes

Corgi: The machines

Corgi: Factory visit

Michael Drake on style: English worn by the French

Interview: Lorenzo Villoresi, perfumer

Mario Talarico: master umbrella maker

Chuc's beach and mountain wear

The statement piece

Last call for Permanent Style Tweed

Cifonelli jacket in detail

Otis Batterbee

Steven Hitchcock - the first fitting

Lorenzo Villoresi: master perfumer

Stuff on eBay

Wear a jacket or trousers at the weekend

January 2012

Kilgour recreates Fred Astaire's tails

Steven Hitchcock: a stylish tweed

Permanent Style growth

Buy good English shoes

London screening of O'Mast

Gaziano & Girling: Deco - the shoes

How great things age: Tod's driving shoes

Five tips on pocket handkerchiefs

New run of Permanent Style Tweed

Review of Le Snob: Tailoring

Cleverley imitation brogues - final pair

Kiton master shirtmaker: Sebastiano Borelli

Reflections on Pitti Uomo

Graham Browne: Brown cashmere and tan cotton

The Tailor & Cutter - a square dinner jacket

EB Meyrowitz: First glasses, and fitting

Permanent Style Tweed: Sample

Gieves & Hawkes: The perfect travel blazer 4

December 2011

The Tailor & Cutter - politicians

O Mast now at Drake's

Sartoria Vergallo, second fitting

The Tailor & Cutter - overcoats

Zimmerli: The Underwear Project

Cifonelli Japanese jacket

Sartoria Vergallo: A visit to Varese

Fox Flannel: Factory visit

Christmas suggestions

Liverano and Nackymade at The Armoury in London

Postcard from Spirano

Postcard from Switzerland

November 2011

Postcard from Quarona

A Borsalino from Lock & Co - my second hat

Permanent Style tweed

Cleverley bespoke luggage introduced

Bespoke leather at Dunhill

Hawick, Vanners and Robert Noble - Duchamp factories

Review: Edward Green Top Drawer boots

Breanish Tweed: Unique luxury

Local stockists of Le Snob: Tailoring

Gary Cooper: Enduring Style

A postcard from Harris

The Merchant Fox

Anderson & Sheppard, haberdashers

The slip stitch: The secret of a good tie

Cloth offer at J&J Minnis

The atelier atmosphere of Timothy Everest

October 2011

Carreducker at Gieves on St Crispin's Day

Orlebar Brown swimming shorts

The satisfaction of darning a sweater

Happy St Crispin's Day

Gieves & Hawkes: The perfect travel blazer 3

Sunspel: The underwear project

A Style is Born: Anderson & Sheppard

Wearing brown accessories, at Cesare Attolini

Bespoke shirts at Turnbull & Asser, City branch

The window dressing of Hackett

The philosophy of dress as expression

Silk evening shirts at Emma Willis

Welcome Hugo Jacomet, Parisian gentleman

Cycling bags

Permanent Style on Finnish menswear blog

Gieves & Hawkes: The perfect travel blazer 2

EB Meyrowitz: Handmade glasses

Fashion shows are vulgar

How to wear a silk scarf

September 2011

Gieves & Hawkes: The perfect travel blazer 1

Kent Haste & Lachter relocate

Cifonelli - Parisian powerhouse

English Cut and Thomas Mahon: made to measure

Thom Sweeney: settling in nicely

PEN magazine: Permanent Style big in Japan

Going tieless; Hemingway Tailors suit

US shoemaker tours

Belgian slippers from A Suitable Wardrobe

Henry Poole and Aston Martin – innovative pockets

Hermes: The bags

Rugby Ralph Lauren and the Tweed Run NYC

Pochette Square: Good and bad handkerchiefs

Hermes: Interiew, Claire Marie

Hermes: Trying the saddle stitch

Hermes: how leather goods are made

The White Briefs: The underwear project

August 2011

Nothing wrong with sloping shoulders

Brooks saddles: Two different sides of construction

The beautiful Lotuff & Clegg working tote

Suit, Shirt, Tie 1: Pink and green

Hemingway, Harvie & Hudson and Alfred Sargent in US

Two ways to get shirts altered: T&A, Emma Willis

Naples, Kiton: ties

Ozzie book update!

The modern man needs a good blazer

My book: Update, Amazon are useless

Five tips on shirts

Naples, E Marinella, made to measure tie result

Fare well Michael Drake

Rubinacci cashmere jacket 6: Finished article

My book: Update

Naples, Kiton: shoes

My book is out

Feedback on the A Suitable Wardrobe store

July 2011

Naples, Kiton: shirts

Naples, E Marinella - made to measure tie

Naples, Kiton: suit pictures

Naples, Kiton: suits

Rubinacci cashmere jacket 5: Naples

Five tips on trousers

Kent Haste & Lachter in The Rake

The restless Lorenzo Cifonelli

Different ways to pad the chest of a suit

Lunch with Michael Skinner, Dege & Skinner

New Cleverleys - imitation brogue

On fudging

Five tips on shirts and ties

Choppin & Lodge cotton suit

June 2011

Permanent Style in City AM

Innovation in denim at Rapha

Follow The Rake

A plain business suit from Timothy Everest

Dent's gloves archive

Rubinacci cashmere jacket 4: first fitting

Cufflink project update

Reader question: What do you wear at the weekend?

Rubinacci cashmere jacket 3: Measuring

Dressing gowns at Stephen Lachter

Rubinacci cashmere jacket 2: Style

New styles at Thomas Lyte

Drake's is open

Five tips on shoes

Rubinacci cashmere jacket 1: Cloth

May 2011

Prince of Wales at Henry Poole: Part 9

Bespoke shoes at Cleverley 13: The wear report

Gaziano & Girling: Deco

Bespoke blue voile shirt

Five tips on looking better in a suit

Brown and satin for evening, anyone?

Le Snob: Tailoring

Variations on the summer dinner jacket

Old-world craft at Lotuff & Clegg

Drake's finally gets its own store

Prince of Wales at Henry Poole: Part 8

Long-sleeved polos for summer

New versions of Sam Cundey's special red tie

April 2011

The Gieves staff locked in Buckingham Palace

John Kent and Stephen Lachter in US

Dandify the dressing gown

Long socks or no socks at all

Prince of Wales at Henry Poole: Part 7

Gieves & Hawkes becomes a destination

Summer: White trousers, suede shoes, blouson

Prince of Wales at Henry Poole: Part 6

Silk and wine with your evening wear

Tweed Run 2011, in Huntsman shooting suit

Prince of Wales at Henry Poole: Part 5

Factory visit: Bill Amberg

Book review: Savile Row, the Master Tailors of British Bespoke

Prince of Wales at Henry Poole: Part 4

March 2011

Huntsman tweed suit: Part 6

Grey and blue - the classic combination

Prince of Wales at Henry Poole: Part 3

GQ: French tailoring

Golden Shears: Beautiful details

Factory visit: Tanner Krolle

Prince of Wales at Henry Poole: Part 2

Shoe news: Cleverley, Edward Green, Berluti

Shoe shine from the shoe snob

Final tweed jacket from Cifonelli

Prince of Wales at Henry Poole: Part 1

The cufflink project

Looking forward to the Golden Shears

Leather cycling gloves at Rapha

Brush your shoes

February 2011

Trunk Clothiers: Catch up

What the bathroom is for

J Panther: Dedication to detail

Altan shoes: primary colour

Tweed jacket from Cifonelli

Hemingway Tailors, dates in North America

A couple of delectations from Cleverley

Brooks benchmade saddles

My red socks

A rather blurry MTBA dinner

Summer is here again

The very conservative Sir Tom Baker

Handmade belts: Equus Leather

Expansion and melting shoes at Corthay

A jacket to ponder in

January 2011

Factory visit: Dent's gloves

Livery at Henry Poole

Reader questions: The menswear classics

Whisky on Burns night

Leather cycling shoes at Quoc Pham

Dressing advice for chubby and tubby

Altering the neck of a suit

How great things have aged: Bentleys antiques

Three years and still growing fast

Rapha: The advantages of merino wool

Learn from Beau – Simple colours and fastidious fit

Vintage silk weaving at Penrose

Persian lamb collars and hats

December 2010

Reader question: Trouser waists

Update on Deco

Materialism, not consumerism

Sneak peek: Deco, from Gaziano & Girling

Ribbon shoe laces

Cleverley video

The virtues of a shawl-collar cardigan

Huntsman tweed suit: Part 5

The Today programme on British style

Get your jeans altered

It’s time for overcoats 2

The P of W's raglan sleeve

Reader questions: Snow, shoes, soles

Fitting at Timothy Everest

November 2010

To wear enroute from town to country

How great things age: Dunhill box

Alfred Sargent Handgrade

Bespoke shoes at Cleverley 12: The Compendium

Wear style lightly

Bespoke shoes at Cleverley: Part 11

The stories of Kent Haste & Lachter

Lutwyche & Lodger

Michael Drake, written by Bruce Boyer

A Suitable Wardrobe store

It's time for overcoats

The Dandy Store

Style is subtle

Wandering into Zilli

Dent's: How British gloves are made

October 2010

The hand of the artisan

A couple of great three-piece suits

Wine-red socks with a grey suit

Of Homburgs, topcoats and fawn gloves

A lovely evening sewing a sweater

Bespoke glasses at TD Tom Davies

A lovely field day on Savile Row

How style commentary used to be

Huntsman tweed suit: Part 4

Green socks with a blue suit

A great combination in flannel and red

Huntsman tweed suit: Part 3

Permanent Style in GQ: Field Day

Velvet jacket from Timothy Everest

All sold out

Bespoke shoes at Cleverley: Part 10

September 2010

Pictures of the Toby Luper suit

Final suit from Toby Luper

The commissions of Timothy Everest

Flannel windowpane, the American way

Reader question: Indiana Jones

E Tautz at London Fashion Week

Top 10, again

Update on The Hanger Project

Wear charcoal with black

Inspirational 6x6 DB in lovat green

Bespoke shoes at Cleverley: Part 9

A lovely gabardine, but lose the hat

The opening of Trunk Clothiers

Permanent Style in GQ

Huntsman tweed suit: Part 2

Big-scale tweeds and the right cap

Albam: Craft for the weekend

August 2010

Huntsman tweed suit: Part 1

More buckskin, grey flannel jacket

Graham Browne, W Bill cashmere blazer

That photo in colour

Berluti repatination - the after shots

Be patient with wardrobe building

Brown buckskin shoes with gabardine

Shoes being re-patinated at Berluti

Silk polos: the item of the season

Lovely nubuck at Bill Amberg

Rescuing shoes

Interview: Mariano Rubinacci

Four-inch waistband and self straps

Bespoke shoes at Cleverley: Part 8

July 2010

Terrycloth blazer and a fish net shirt?

The reputation of Smith & Co

Silk and cotton perhaps, rather than wool

The history of W Bill

Beautiful semi-bespoke boots from Rivolta

How to wear brights in the summer

A lesson in linen scarves

A lovely night at the Taylors'

A light scarf at the end of a warm day

My Hermes scarves

Stuff a square-folded handkerchief

Bunch of ruffians back in the 1930s

June 2010

Penrose: Oh, the colour

That delayed Anderson & Sheppard

A tennis outfit for the tennis shoes

The tennis shoes - at long last

Wedding outfit by popular request

Fawn with a red/yellow scarf

Bespoke shoes at Cleverley: Part 7

A nice, small boutonniere

Unlined ties at Panta Clothing

Grey hound's-tooth tweed, please

How great things age: Globe-Trotter 2

A great gun club double-breasted

Bespoke shoes at Cleverley: Part 6

May 2010

Ducker & Son: The shoemaker I missed

How great things age: Edward Green 3

Silk suits and shantung

Murdock’s: Learning how to shave

Bespoke shoes at Cleverley: Part 5

Navy tweed and good flannel for golf

Edward Green: Tips on fitting

Yellow crepe soles and a special hat

How great things age: Edward Green 2

How great things age: Edward Green 1

Half-lined and unlined jackets

Options on pockets, and avoiding a tie

The history of the ‘red gang’ in Shanghai

April 2010

Small pattern tweed, on picnics

In praise of purple

How great things age: Globe-Trotter luggage

Two summer combinations, flannel and linen

Panta: Great trousers made in New York

Shetland and covert coats

Factory visit: Alfred Dunhill

Improving on the bespoke shirt

Buttons from Duttons

The philosophy of Michael Drake

Bespoke shoes at Cleverley: Part 4

Bespoke shoes at Cleverley: Part 3

March 2010

Men in Style: The Golden Age of Fashion

The Cary Collection: Manhattan treasure trove

A glass of red with Kempson and Logsdail

Leffot: A sign of US shoe trends

The rules and how to break them 7: Handkerchief texture

First fitting with Toby Luper

Be a rogue like the Big Bad Wolf

Gloves at Bill Amberg

Fishy and polo: A photo update

Jewel in Vienna: Wilhelm Jungmann Und Neffe

Bill Amberg: Oak tanning, for bags

Where the brace buttons should be

Bespoke shoes at Cleverley: Part 2

February 2010

Bespoke shoes at Cleverley: Part 1

The view from the front (Savile) row

Segun Adelaja: A tailor in an emporium

Thomas Lyte: Real craft and British quirks

Book review: Bespoke by Richard Anderson

Reader question: Differences between bespoke tailors

Skip the basted or the forward fitting?

Hand sewing at Edward Green

Gaziano & Girling: The benefits of both sides

Reindeer bag from 1786?

Crossover with women's wear: Lalage Beaumont

Different ways to give a tie spring

Tie facts from Peckham Rye

The history of Hunter’s and Peckham Rye

January 2010

Two aspects of figuration

Made-to-measure shirts at Diverso

The Modern Tailor, Outfitter and Clothier

Don't polish with too much water

Three tips on ties

The details of Pal Zileri Sartoriale

A grown-up loafer from Fin's

Reminiscing with Toby Luper, Hemingway

Two questions on wedding attire

An interview with Lorenzo Cifonelli

Buy handmade when it's worth it

The story of Cifonelli

Buying buttons for bespoke

Shirt facts upon request

Sebastian & Jules cufflinks

December 2009

Building a shoe collection - the pleasures!

Get value for money in cashmere

Merry Christmas

The search for a sponge and press

Factory visit: Turnbull & Asser shirts

Wear a contrast tie with a contrast collar

Loro Piana dressing Italians at the weekend

The chest of an Anderson & Sheppard suit

Of course luxury is changing

Back to Bicester Village

Permanent Style in The Montebury

Shirt review: Ign. Joseph

An exercise in wardrobe building

A pleasant visit to Huntsman

Permanent Style in the Financial Times

November 2009

First British bespoke shirt 2

The coat project 5

Sharp facts

How a Drake’s tie is sewn

How to wear a trilby

Final boots from Cliff Roberts

Patrick Grant on dressing well

Hand-cutting ties at Drake’s

Second British bespoke, part 1

Turnbull & Asser: My first British bespoke shirt

How my ties were made

Favourbrook: English artistry

The wonders of Bicester Village

Budd: Very traditional shirts

My very first hat

October 2009

Inspiration above propriety

Confusing seven-fold ties

A short talk with Andrea Perrone

Bown bags: A meeting of geeks

The tailors that will survive

Reader question: Wearing odd jackets

Lodger reverse auction update

Milan's idiosyncratic Al Bazar

65,000 and counting

Book review: The last shall be first

Handmade boots from Cliff

A tour around Milan

Observations from Milan

Rivolta: A brave innovation in bespoke

Finally, lap seam pictures

The coat project 4

September 2009

Sharp suits launch event

Review and launch party: Sharp Suits

Twiggy in Cleverley's

Lodger reverse auction in 90 minutes!

Berluti polishing events, and luggage

Reader question: Working in a bank

Why you buy bespoke suits first

Matching purple with Michael Whitby-Grubb

How China changed the silk industry

Orange and brown on the street

The coat project 3

Go on, try American Apparel

Fin’s: A solution to a bugbear

Strong colours done well

Turn back your (cotton) cuffs

Do you know what you're selling?

August 2009

A step further in suit alterations

Spotting quality in a tie (at Drake's)

Reader question: Taking pictures to the tailors

A visit to Anderson & Sheppard

The coat project 2

Reader question: Packing for a trip

Black calf with popish purple

Thread on Style Forum

The coat project

A real workshop and Anthony's book

Interview: Developing a love for clothes 2

Interview: Developing a love for clothes

E Tautz goes retail on Monday

New Berluti line: Pierre

Black suits are for glamour, not business

The handkerchief says 'look at me'

July 2009

British bespoke - Part 6

How to wear brown shoes

What is too "matchy-matchy"?

What is too "matchy-matchy"?

The decorative lap seam: Pogson & Davis

British bespoke - Part 5

Trousers for bright shoes

Frequently asked questions

British bespoke - Part 4

Chocolate brown with canary yellow

Reader question: Suit brands

Harrods discounts

The launch of Gentleman's Corner

Your pocket handkerchief is a collar

Reader question: A suit for my wedding

Sporty, monochrome wedding

Reader question: Planning the week

British bespoke - Part 3

Get the basics right - it makes a big difference

June 2009

The handkerchief is an anchor

New personal website

British bespoke - Part 2

Why men are scared of real trousers

Permanent Style in French and Russian

Ha! You think these are golf shoes?

Cheap bespoke part 2

My first English bespoke suit

Keep your jacket on

Interview: Patrick Grant, Norton & Sons

Get ready. The sales are starting early

Cheap bespoke - too good to be true?

Reader question: Fake welts and lacing

A flamboyant wedding

Reader question: Reiss and made to measure

Double-breasted: Harmony v balance

May 2009

Remember, leather stretches

Why your Gucci doesn't fit

My 50-year-old black tie

Tips from Jeeves

Reader question: Suit for work and play

Reader question: Covering the black tie waist

A new (dashing) tailor discovered

New Facebook group for Permanent Style

Ignore GQ and cold-beer tailors

Navy stripe: The most useful tie

The Rake is now online

The rules and how to break them 6: Black-tie tradition

Carréducker show and training

The three black-tie sins

The butcher's stripe

Permanent style: What took you so long?

April 2009

Final review: A Suit That Fits

Onwards and upwards: Thank you

The indelible influence of the Teds

Why does no one understand Lodger?

Sweaters cannot be stylish and practical

How Charles II invented the three-piece suit

The rules and how to break them 5: DBs for big men

In defence of Blake construction

Reader question: Starting a new job

Where Italians keep cigarettes

Style paradigms: Ignore your peers

Shoes with an earthworm patina

My left foot: An afternoon at Lodger

The style of America's Main Street

Look at me! I'm a banker

A few new gems at Leffot

Latest feature in Spice magazine

March 2009

Wear grey with brights

Stop only fastening the bottom button!

The pleasures of a shoe shine

New York Times recommends us

That 10-inch drop in full

Beautiful hangers. But do you buy hangers?

Charvet and Brioni: Mass producers

Longevity, not profit, at Hermes

Review: A Suit That Fits 2

Adolescent sexuality; thousands of dollars

Sleeve length, yes, but tightness also

Tips for Steve's first visit to the tailor

Are you pretentious or not? Take the test

The Rake: A real style magazine

February 2009

Bright wool for cold, sunny days

Behind the scenes: A Suit That Fits

The sad, trapped co-respondent shoe

Reader question: Wearing suit jackets separately

Review: A Suit That Fits

Black tie: What does correct mean?

Reader question: Edward Tam

Reader question: Building a wardrobe

How to tailor your sweaters

Evening wear: Why a four-in-hand is better than a red bow tie

The rules and how to break them 4: The waist button

Remember: How to save your shoes from salt

Book review: History of Men's Fashion

Inspiration on mannequins 2: Cesare Attolini

January 2009

One year on and growing fast

Inspiration on mannequins: Domenico Vacca

The quiet sophistication of purple and green

How to get a ready-to-wear suit altered

Cream, kid-leather gloves

A drop of inspiration every day

Menswear myths, fact and fiction

Style icons: The Cincinnati Kid

Kilgour: The only modern innovator

The Galosh: A traditional, modern city shoe

The sad route of Brooks Brothers

The formality of colours - in shirts

Reader question: Further sales reductions

Sales success: George Cleverley bespoke

Density of pattern, part 2

December 2008

Generations: Dressing well instinctively

How to save your shoes from salt

Reader question: Wet shoes

Density of pattern

The lawyer background

Be patient with the sales

Christmas presents: Buy the luxury you can afford

Reader question: Fashion and age

Reader question: How stylish am I?

Indochino makes a smart recovery

At last, the Norfolk Blazer

The waistcoat as jacket

Merrifield's: I found a cobbler!

November 2008

The rules and how to break them 3: White after Labor Day

Paul Smith sale shop, take two

Sweater colours for autumn

The final suit: so close

Hong Kong: The fitting

Inventing the Norfolk Blazer

Review: Indochino suits

The enigma of Flusser

Wear a flat cap, but wear it right

British style genius: The country look

The pleasures of traditional dress

Two very different jackets and jeans

October 2008

Ah, the Esquire Big Black Book

British Style Genius: Paul Smith and train sets

Buenos Aires style

Kilgour special: Permanent Style in Spice

The colours of autumn

Ralph Lauren service: The tailor’s tips

The struggle to innovate in menswear

Sartoriani goes for a bigger lie

The meaning of harmony

September 2008

Spectrum-spanning combinations

The undone tie

Ralph Lauren after-sales part 2

I want to browse your brand

Good after-sales service at Ralph Lauren

The rules and how to break them 2: Brown in town

Problem solved: sweaters with ties

The rules and how to break them 1: Trouser length

Step by step: The odd waistcoat

Why no silk socks?

Permanent Style published in India

Interesting facts on loafers!

Reader question: Odd waistcoats

August 2008

How to buy luxury: Notebooks

On double-breasted waistcoats

Report from Moscow

Reader question: Upgrading shirts

Reader question: Office casual, part 2

Reader question: Office casual, part 1

Introducing the Lazy Fold

Shorten your sleeves

The logical jacket

A dreamed-up tie tuck

Socks show whether you care

Hits tops 10,000

More browsing in tailors

The newsreader look

How to look after your suits

A sliding scale of formality

July 2008

How to salvage your clothes

Reader question: Tips on the Go

The Allure of Corthay Shoes

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