The Permanent Style Summer drinks – taking over the Burlington Arcade

Friday, April 19th 2024
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Have you got a summer suit that needs an outing? Linen tailoring sitting in the closet with no matching 'garden party' invitation?

Come to Permanent Style drinks on May 9th! We're taking over the Burlington Arcade, closing the space for just us and a few shops, and will be serving drinks from Justerini & Brooks. It should be a lot of fun.

I've always wanted to create more opportunities for readers to come and wear their finest tailoring. Not everyone has a lot of them (or indeed black tie at the other end of the year) so when this opportunity came along we jumped at it.

The event will run from 7pm. Only those that have RSVP'd and so on the guest list will be allowed entry. Shops like Globe-Trotter, Begg & Co, Marinella, Crockett & Jones, Baudoin & Lange and others will be open and some will be offering their own cocktails.

We'll also have a photographer so everyone can get shots of their outfits, should they wish. There is currently no prize for the best-dressed, but those that appear on the subsequent PS article will obviously have infinite bragging rights.

Please come down and help us celebrate the tailoring of summer. RSVP is through the form here.


  • Permanent Style summer drinks
  • Thursday, May 9th
  • Burlington Arcade, London
  • From 7-9pm
  • Admittance only with RSVP
  • Entrance from the Burlington Gardens end of the Arcade
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Great idea .
Reminds me of “Fiesta de Disfraces de Casamiento” in Argentina ,where people dress up for a non-existent wedding , just as an excuse to wear their best clothes .


“Fashion wasn’t what you wore someplace anymore; it was the whole reason for going.”
Andy Warhol


Hi Simon,
This is an excellent initiative!!!


Great to meet you and Jamie yesterday at Beige. Sounds like a perfect idea to organise a summer suit event – would have liked to come, but hope it goes well.


Echo James. Was lovely meeting you, Jamie, and all the readers there . Would love to be in London for the event again, but a bit hard to go there.
Wish you a lovely time and best success

Andrew Poupart

What a great idea. I only wish I could be there.

JJ Katz

Great idea. Looking forward to it.


Brilliant idea.

Seems summer is coming a bit early to London this year. 😊


I walked through the Burlington Arcade yesterday afternoon. It was very busy and there had just been a massive downpour and yet the floor finish looked as bright and fresh as it does in your photo.
It would be interesting to know what the material is and how it is finished.

J Crewless

If I were in the UK, the tan suit would be dusted off and make a much-needed outing. Great idea. Enjoy the soiree, all.


Hello Simon, what’s the exact trouser cloth featured on the home page photo paired with the black suede Sagans?


Yes I believe that’s the one. Is it 100% wool worsted? Do you remember the oz and makeup of those light gray trousers?

Is something like this the current equivalent (


Is there a deadline to RSVPfor this event ? I’m not sure if, due to medical problems which hospitalise me recently, if I will be fit enough. It would be useful to know, for the same reason, if soft drinks and toilet facilities will be available. Many thanks.


That’s great news and your flexibility is appreciated greatly. The drinks and cocktails will be hard to resist. I will need to get stronger over the few days and dress for personal comfort rather than the PS camera. Warmer weather would certainly help. Many thanks again.


I’m curious about the atmosphere of the event. Will there be live music, or perhaps a themed dress code to complement the elegant setting?

Neil T-M

Steam pressed my Linen-Cotton Tan double breasted suit. It is my first time attending your event since moving here. I finally have the time. Thanks for organising this!

Neil T-M

Great! Thanks , Simon. See you!


Looking forward to seeing all the ‘drip’. Simon, this has to become a permanent PS fixture. Only way to get ‘shysters’ like me out to a party.