Holiday attire: A sliding scale of formality

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By Manish Puri

Last week’s article by Simon, ‘Which office are you? A cold current 2024 update’, focused on cold, wintry colours. I’m here to provide a similar step through using warmer, summery tones.

The colours I’ve chosen are those that I’ve found myself naturally gravitating towards during recent travels: cream and brown. Colours which remind me of sandy beaches, shea-butter sun lotion and ice cream in a biscuit cone.

And so, the perspective of my article skews towards holiday attire rather than the explicitly office-orientated articles penned by Simon. But I still think  the ideas and the combinations can provide some inspiration for those looking for help on what to wear to a modern office. 

One way to make the looks more office-appropriate might be to increase the contrast between the pieces. For example, instead of the cream polo and the putty brown trousers in outfit two, you could try a white oxford shirt and brown chinos.

Beyond the fact that I find cream and brown to be a chic summer pairing - and more interesting than the all-white ensembles some people use to indicate that they’ve activated ‘holiday mode’ - there’s also an easy synergy between garments stemming from a similar, restrained colour palette. 

In fact, I’d go so far as to say I’d happily pair any of the tops in this article with any of the bottoms. For example, in the image at the top of the piece I’m wearing the shorts from outfit one with the shirt from outfit three on a recent holiday. 

My one reservation might be combining the double-breasted jacket in outfit four (and above) with the shorts. But even here, I think a lighter, less structured DB could work if you dig that contrasting high-low vibe.

1 The right to bare arms

While most of the TikTok fodder forced upon me by Instagram only serves to louden the tick-tock of my diminishing will to live, there is one meme-mantra that has stuck with me: if an outfit isn't interesting through colour then it has to be interesting through shape, and if it’s not interesting through shape then it has to be interesting through texture.

I think this is something that comes quite naturally to the classic-menswear winter wardrobe. Consider the combination of a rich tweed jacket, a silk patterned tie and some corduroy trousers - you’re simultaneously tagging colour, texture and (depending on the silhouette) even shape.

However in the summer, where the weather often demands simplicity in an outfit, it can be harder to find that point of difference, and the pitfall (which I’ve spent many a summer trapped in) is that, even with nice individual pieces, you can end up looking a bit basic.

Given that we’re deliberately restricted in colour here, I’ve injected texture into the first outfit using an Adret Riviera shirt made of hand-spun cotton which is knotty, slubby and altogether rather wonderful (the eagle-eyed among you will spot that Simon has the same shirt in a long-sleeve version). 

For those looking for a cheaper option, Scott Fraser Collection is always an excellent first port-of-call for summer outfits - even if his aesthetic isn’t to your taste you can clearly see how he enlivens predominantly two-piece looks (shirt/knit with shorts/trousers) through colour, shape and texture. Their laddered pocket shirt, whilst not in the same cream and beige colourway, does have a similar waffle finish to the Adret shirt. Incidentally, my cotton shorts are also by Scott Fraser, and, in a telling insight into the rapid multiple borrowings of the style, also called Riviera.

2 Cover your legs, man

The second outfit smartens things up by switching in a bespoke pair of linen trousers from The Anthology (they currently have a RTW trouser in a similar colour made from Solbiati 'Art Du Lin')  and a knitted linen polo shirt from Anderson & Sheppard.

For the sake of brevity and to present as wide a range of formalities as possible I’ve elected not to show every permutation of the outfits. However, you can imagine how pairing this more fitted linen polo with the shorts from the first outfit would make it look a bit smarter, but still not as smart as outfit two. And, conversely, pairing the Adret shirt with these trousers will make everything a bit looser and more informal than the current combination.

You’ll see in all my chosen looks that I favour darker colours on my lower half and lighter colours up top. This tendency is unusual enough to have been (positively) commented upon by stylish friends who are more naturally inclined to the opposite. 

There’s a few reasons why I’m drawn to this ‘bottom-heavy’ look, and I’ve promised Simon I’ll write a fuller piece about it soon, but, for holiday dressing, I think it’s just practical when you’re spending your day sitting on grassy knolls, mossy rocks or sticky bar stools. That said, there’s absolutely no reason why cream chinos and a brown polo wouldn’t be equally lovely here. 

My shoes are a pair of huaraches purchased on holiday in Oaxaca a few years back. Would I like the leather to be less red and shiny? Yes. Do I have a Proustian memory of eating tlayudas every time I slide my feet into them? Also, yes.

An alternative could be espadrilles (I like mine from La Manual Alpargatera), or for more refined options, Simon’s piece on sandals is really helpful.

3 Jackets required

On longer holidays, where every item has to justify the luggage space and weight it will occupy by its utility, I don’t tend to pack tailored jackets. It’s here that unstructured jackets, chore coats and Tebas shine: lightweight, (relatively) happy to be folded, and able to discretely elevate a look without alienating or intimidating your fellow holiday-makers.

My choice is a seersucker (again with the texture) Lazyman jacket from The Anthology which I purchased at the PS pop-up in 2019 and has been a faithful companion on summer trips since. The size is a UK 38 - which I think I can still just about get away with. However, were the jacket to be tragically lost in a baggage mishap I’d opt for a size 40 to give me a little more room. LEJ has a Plage jacket (which I’ve written positively about a couple of times on PS) in ivory linen that would make a great alternative.

There wasn’t any particular need to switch the polo shirt from outfit two for a short-sleeve button-down shirt - although the more structured collar does suit the sharper aesthetic - other than to gently remind readers (and myself) that you don’t always have to break the bank for simple pieces like an off-white shirt. 

Mine is from the Uniqlo U 2019 collection and it’s one of the first things I pack for a warm weather holiday: flattering, comfortable, lightweight, easy to wash and quick to dry. The collar roll is as good as any bespoke shirt I’ve tried, and after five years of heavy wear I’ve not had a button loosen, let alone come off - which is more than can be said for some rather more expensive handmade shirts I’ve bought.

I’ve switched up the footwear to penny loafers (John Lobb Lopez in dark-brown museum calf) which is quite a sharp pivot from the huaraches. You could substitute an unlined suede loafer or a Belgian slipper for a less dramatic shift in formality. 

4 Best bib and tucker

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t tend to take much formal tailoring on holidays, but, when I do, it’s usually because a special dinner has been booked or there’s something to celebrate. And if that’s the case, I always pack a tie because I think ties are cool.

The jacket is a RTW DB from The Anthology in a sandstone linen - quite similar in tone to Simon’s Ciardi - and the shirt a very fine cream poplin from Speciale with a soft collar. 

In case I chicken out and choose not to wear the tie (hey, I said I think ties are cool - not everyone agrees with me on this one) the soft collar nonchalantly lays how it wishes - as if it didn’t even know what a tie was. An open-necked spread-collar dress shirt, by contrast, permanently looks aghast at being jilted by that silken seductress.

The trousers are made from W Bill 12/13oz Irish linen - they still crumple during the day (which, of course, we all embrace as one of the most charming properties of linen), but less than some of the lighter Italian linens I've tried.

I opted for linen over high-twist wool trousers because, to my eyes, the former is easier to wear across a range of formalities, the latter too crisp for a truly informal look. Perhaps a linen-wool blend might offer the best of both worlds? I’d be curious to hear from readers that have tried that.

Finally, I’ve been perfectly comfortable sockless (or visibly sockless) for the first three more casual outfits. However, when I’m wearing a collar-and-tie I can’t abide seeing my ankles. I don’t have many “menswear rules” but this just might be one of them.

So, there we have it. Twelve items of clothing (including socks and tie) which combine to form dozens of subtly different outfits covering as broad a spectrum of formalities as you’re likely to need. 

For shorter trips, I might pare this capsule back further by leaving the DB jacket and tie, the Adret shirt, the short-sleeved shirt and the sandals at home. For longer trips, I’d add a pair of high-twist trousers and some colour - you could easily double up most of the items with navy or green equivalents (how about a navy jacket with outfit four and some olive green linen trousers in outfit two?), and regular readers know how much I adore the colour pink, which would look great with the cream tones.

Now the only question is, where should I go on holiday?

Thank you to the lovely Anderson & Sheppard Haberdashery for having us back to take photos for this article.

Manish is @the_daily_mirror on Instagram

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Lindsay McKee

Hi Manish, what a splendid article!
Very interesting point in your article is your choice of linen trousers over high twist.
I am one who leans more to the formal edge of the sartorial spectrum… even on holiday!
I would like something in the Drapers Ascot for high twist trousers…in mid grey.
Im commissioning a jacket in Dugdale bright blue mockleno in MTM in Belfast at Andrew Watson in Belfast and possibly pair with mid grey or even a tad lighter Grey trousers …. whatever is best !
What are your thoughts here Manish?

Manish Puri

Hi Lindsay

Thank you so much!

Yes, I think that’s a great point. If I absolutely had to choose I’d rather keep my formal wear a little more casual so the linen works better in a tightly edited suitcase. For you, the opposite is true so high twist trousers sounds perfect.

I really like the sound of your new commission. Let us know how it goes please!

Lindsay McKee

Of course I’ll let you know when the commission is completed!!
I hope it works out!


Drapers has three shades of grey in the Ascot 4-ply bunch (and very similar shades in 2-ply I believe). Simon reviewed a suit made from the light grey just last week. The dark grey is a charcoal. The mid-grey is to me the perfect versatile shade of grey for an all round pair of trousers or suit. The formality of it being such a crisp fabric is offset a bit by the warm undertone and mottled texture.

Personally I would recommend getting the mid-grey first, then the light grey down the line if you want to expand your summer trouser selection. It will serve you well and would go as well with a blue blazer as with most of the outfits in this article.


Brilliant article. Thank you Manish. Adret shirt is my fav piece of clothing from this article.
Quick question – when did you last wax your legs? 😊😂

Manish Puri

Thanks ever so much, AKG.

Haha, the morning of the shoot. That’s how quickly they grow back!


Great article, Manish. The Adret shirt is wonderful.
My holiday attire is in a similar colour chart of creams, browns etc. However, I chuckled recently when I wore an ensemble of brown trousers, cream polo and light tobacco overshirt – loved the combination but wondered if I might have taken inspiration from a tiramisu.

Manish Puri

Haha! Sounds delicious! The tiramisu and the outfit!


Hi Manish,
As always another interesting, entertaining and timely article. I always like the way you don’t get overly serious. I agree on the need to try to decrease the risk from holiday wear and tear on the bottom half of outfits and the gems one can find in Uniqlo. Not sure if I have the same short sleeve shirt, but I did pick up one a few years back with a lovely long soft roll button down collar, I just wish they did so on all their BDs.
I like the way you have mixed up the combinations and prices points, and agree things don’t necessarily need to be overly expensive to look great ,especially in summer where accidents are more like to occur (ice cream, beer, olive oil, sun lotion!!). Imagination plays a big part.
Couple of questions:
– I have recently started to wear a Real McCoys (green) tropical jacket , as a great travel companion in warmer weather with lots of useful pockets. Any views on outfits outside of faded jeans? :
– Do you have any views on the use of natural colour (not white ) jeans?
I just can’t quite get over the line on white ones (despite Simon’s encouragement!) which look great on some people but I actually feel a little self conscious in them myself.
Thanks again and looking forward to your next article.

Manish Puri

Hi Stephen

Thank you so much – I really appreciate it.

I really like the sound of the jacket. I have a green herringbone twill jacket from LEJ which I wear with outfit two and three quite regularly – so some kind of brown linen or khaki chinos would be nice.

I have white jeans and cream trousers and I do find myself drawn more towards the cream trousers more. But every time I see white jeans worn well (like in the article Simon wrote on Alessandro Squarzi) I always promise myself I’ll wear the white jeans more often! Go with what you’re most comfortable with because both white and off-white will make a really nice pairing with your jacket 😊


Where do you get Adret clothing in the UK?

Manish Puri


The best way is to contact them via DM on Instagram and they’ve always been really helpful explaining what they have in stock, what sizes, etc.

If you’re in London, the store is on Clifford Street.


Its a great pity that they use instagram rather then a webpage which would make more common sense.
Rather naive imo.
Not everyone uses social media.
Maybe a visit to Clifford Street one day.

Manish Puri


For web enquiries you could also try [email protected]

I’d definitely recommend a visit if you can – one of the most beautiful menswear shops around.


Enjoyable article Manish, thank you. Are you aware if / how Adret items can be viewed / purchased online; their website (at least on mobile) isn’t particularly helpful.

Manish Puri

Thanks very much, Stephen!


They don’t have a web store as such so the best way is to contact them via DM on Instagram and they’re always really helpful explaining what they have in stock, what sizes, etc.


Great article, thanks! I love the brown/cream colour scheme, it’s pretty much been by go-to- for the last few weeks of relatively sunny weather we’ve had.

But can you do me a favour please? Stop referring to items of clothing as “knits”. I have no idea what you mean when you say “(shirt/knit with shorts/trousers)” because, according to my understanding, “knit” could mean a knitted t-shirt, polo shirt, cardigan, sweater, dress shirt … anything can be knitted!

Manish Puri

Thanks ever so much, Rowan.

Point taken 😊 But, in the case of Scott’s Fraser’s offering and styling, I think it could actually apply to all of the above so the portmanteau term might (for once) be appropriate.


Hey Manish,
Regarding the Anthology DB- I’ve been eyeing that piece for a while now so it’s good to see it being worn.

How heavy is the linen? Can it be worn with black jeans??

Manish Puri

Hi Andy

I’m not sure of the exact weight but it’s definitely a heavier linen – so maybe not best suited for really hot days but, on the other hand, you can probably extend its wear on cooler days.

Yeah, I think black jeans could be very nice. I know Buzz (The Anthology co-founder) has worn his with black trousers as part of black tie.

Jack Linney

Very nice! All of them are at least twice as nice as what I wear. I admit that I never bring anything special when we go to the beach because I don’t want to lose it.

Manish Puri

Thanks Jack!

I’m sure that’s not true!

I do understand that impulse. Hopefully the colours combinations and some of the broader ideas were helpful 😊

Jack Linney

Extremely—I greatly appreciate your thoughtful analysis!


Always fun reading Manish’s articles.
My question is around skin tone and colour.
Manish, being of wheatish brown skin tone (as am I ) I thought you might go for more colour .

Also, are there certain colours your skin tone lends itself more to (I’ll just copy what you say !)

Manish Puri

Hi Robin

I definitely enjoy wearing a bit of colour when I can. It’s just for the piece and for holidays where luggage space is a bit tight it helps me to have play within a narrower space.

A favourite is pink which seems to work really well for me. There’s lots of outfits I regularly wear on my Instagram account (@the_daily_mirror) if that helps 😊


Hi Manish,
this was such a beautiful sentence: “…lightweight, (relatively) happy to be folded, and able to discretely elevate a look without alienating or intimidating your fellow holiday-makers.” – it prompted me to ask whether you can recommend some good books for holiday, or for events when I am just sitting in a cafe in an unstructured blazer? Thank you. Zsombor

Manish Puri

Hi Leopold

Thank you so much! I’m really glad you liked it.

A friend of mine passed on the habit of reading a novel written by a writer from the same place you’re visiting. So, for example, on a recent trip to Madrid I read a book by Javier Marías. Of course, make sure it fits in the pocket of your blazer first 😉

Markus S

That is a great advice and that is what I have been doing for many years. Gives you a different look at the place you are at, beyond being a tourist.


Great article Manish. You look so at ease.

I have a suit made from the W Bill 12/13 oz linen, and it can comfortable take an all day bashing and not look too crumpled. The weight definitely helps with that.

Manish Puri

Thank you so much, Colin 😊

Agreed – really glad they’re working out for you in the same way as me.

George King

I totally agree with Manish that when wearing a one must wear socks.


How about linen trousers in khakhi or dark beige colour. Can it be versatile?

Manish Puri

Absolutely! And I think they would go nicely with all the looks here. It would just be a bit more of a tonal look.


Hey Manish,
A big fan of all the fits! Really love the Adret shirt with all that texture. I believe Simon sized down for his – did you go with a medium for yours or also size down?

Manish Puri

Hi Daniel

Thanks so much!

I went for a medium too. Simon is in better shape than me! Plus I tend to like things just a little looser.


Hi Manish, I agree that the cream, brown pairing is very chic indeed. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. One outfit that I would avoid in most situations is the first one, shorts. Mr Tom Ford has said that the most appropriate venues for men to wear shorts are the resort and/or the gym, never in the city and I agree. The vast majority of men do not look good in shorts, but rather like school boys. I suppose old habits die hard. Anyway, aside from that one issue, this was a splendid article and much appreciated.

Markus S

Great article, Manish, and very helpful.
I am also wearing quite a lot of olive / green (not the bright version) in the summer but I suppose, from your article, that you do not. Any particular reason?

Manish Puri

Hi Markus

I do like green too 😊 on a recent trip I took a green plage jacket and a minty green stripe shirt from LEJ along with a sage green knitted polo from Schostal 😊


“While most of the TikTok fodder forced upon me by Instagram only serves to louden the tick-tock of my diminishing will to live” . . . this is a contender for one of the best lines of 2024, for sure. Also, sorry Simon, but neither you nor my friends will ever convince me of huaraches, they look like Bond villain footwear at best, and cock fight organizer apparel at worst.

Manish Puri

Thanks TCN!

Haha, I haven’t organised a cock fight in years.


I am so very happy Manish is part of the team. The quality of this piece (as well as others I have read by Manish) is excellent. It is an exemplary piece of what I expect to find on Permanent Style. I have always found that when I read Simon’s pieces, not only are they engaging and informative, but I get a catharsis that comes from actually reading them. I got that same catharsis with this article. It is something that captivates you, while allowing your brain to decompress from the aggressive way most communication transposes these days.
With regards to the content, I actually copied the meme quote about color, shape, & texture, as it’s something I haven’t heard before. I also got a bit of a laugh about the use of darker bottoms and lighter tops. It’s something I have done since I was a kid. A bit embarrassingly, it was something I picked up on it from Indiana Jones when I was younger and it just stuck.
I don’t yet have a comment on the pants mentioned in the latter part; I have some tropical wool tailored trousers that I have used with success, but they do look formal. I just purchased a linen cotton blend pair or gurkha pants, but they have yet to arrive.
My only question is about the seersucker Lazyman jacket. That cut and fabric doesn’t work well for me. Can you achieve the same formality from a safari styled jacket like this one from 100 hands ( Or even a belted similarity?
And yes, ties are cool.

Manish Puri

Hi Brian

Thank you so much for the kind words – it means a lot to me.

The safari jacket looks great and an ideal replacement for the Lazyman.

Best wishes,


Another terrific article with excellent suggestions.
Please keep them coming!
Your use of cream and beige is simple and stylish.
My only complaint is that you have blown up my summer clothing budget.

Manish Puri

Hi Michael

So pleased you enjoyed it!

Haha, my apologies 😊

Johannes P

I’m planning on commissioning a summer suite in linen (SB and quite informal, unstructured style, patch pockets, etc), and I’d like to ask for your (both Manish and Simon’s) opinion on the most useful colour, provided it will not be in navy since I already have a more formal summer suite in hopsack navy.

I’m thinking about three alternatives; 1) a light shade like sand/matchstick/oatmeal/cream or 2) chocolate brown or 3) green (probably olive or moss or similar), probably in that order. What do you think? (or would you suggest something completely different?)

Johannes P

Thanks for your feedback. I have quite pale skin which makes me a little bit wary of the lighter shades but then again I really love the sand and/or cream colour of your Moreau suit:
It really gives the summer vibe I’m looking for.
The “default” brown alternative would be something similar in colour to your Edward Sexton linen suit I imagine:
Otherwise I was also thinking on tobacco or nougat brown but I guess that is less versatile than the darker brown?
What about black? It seems to be quite popular in linen suits / jackets right now but I’m a bit worried it sticks out and that it is a trend that might be fading after a while?


the adret shirt is craaaazy.


From what I read here, am I correct in gleaning that you have no problem wearing “linen-on-linen”, meaning a linen shirt and/or jacket with linen trousers?

I remember Simon discouraging such an approach in the Guide to Linen. Could you expound somewhat on your approach here? A difference of opinion? Or does it depend on weight, color, etc? Thanks very much.

Manish Puri


It’s a good question!

The jacket is definitely heavier than the trousers and has a more pronounced twill – in fact, the jacket is made from the reverse side of the cloth.

I think I’d be more reluctant to combine if the jacket was made from exactly the same linen as the trousers but in a different colour.

Peter K

Hi Manish,
I do have a pair of trousers in a wool-linen mix. They don’t wrinkle as easily as pure linen and are wonderfully cool. Unfortunately, they are quite slim and don’t really fit current styles and silhouettes.
I think Simon has an article on a suit he commissioned in a wool-linen mix. I wonder how that suit has stood the test of time.

Manish Puri

Thanks so much, Peter.

Really helpful to hear your experience to.

That’s a good shout on Simon’s suit.

Henki 82

Great read! Do you know the cloth code of the w bill fabric that the linen trousers are made of?

Manish Puri

Thanks Henki! It’s WB61321


Hey Manish, great article, as always!
I was just wondering if you know any decent linen/wool blend bunches?

Manish Puri

Hi Mark

Thanks so much. I think Harrison’s have some good options like the Isca collection which is 55% linen and 45% wool


Just brilliant Manish, great article!; It’s a tricky line to tread with lighter colours, not being garish and remaining classic, yet unique. You do this with aplomb!

Manish Puri

Thank you so much, Colin! I really appreciate it.

Lawrence S

Hi Manish, what is the light olive canvas bag you’re carrying in the first photo? It looks suitably laid-back yet practical.

Manish Puri

Hi Lawrence

It’s an Ichizawa Hanpu tote – which I don’t think they sell at the moment.

It is very nice as it’s a tote but has several pockets, brass feet and a roll top with a button so you can secure your stuff slightly more than normal totes.


Hello Manish.
Another brilliant and timely article. Love all the looks, particularly the W Bill trousers with the DB. Would you happen to know what swatch code that is? Thanks!

Manish Puri

Thanks Carl! It’s WB61321


A mix of outfit 3-4 is how I dress for the office most of the spring/summer/early autumn. Find it much easier to wear tailoring in cream, brown and light grey tones; makes it much less “intimidating” than in navy/dark grey when you’re at an informal workplace, but keeps all the benefits of adding shape and lines.


Love these looks, Manish. This article and Simon’s accompanying office one are two of my favorites on PS.

I’ve been debating picking up the Adret Riviera for some time, but I’ve been stuck deciding between the long and the short sleeve. I generally prefer the look of long sleeves, but on those afternoons that climb over 80 degrees Fahrenheit or for by the pool, maybe the short sleeve is more practical…

Out of curiosity, on holiday, do you wear this same palette at night? Or do you also pack some darker colors?

Lastly, are your shorts in the “Putty Linen” color? And do you remember the cloth codes for the trousers? Always interested in finding pleasing shades.

Manish Puri

Hi Tom!

Thanks ever so much.

It looks like short fabric isn’t stocked any more as it was 100% cotton. I think putty linen would be close.

The trouser code is WB61321.

Yes, if there’s some room I’ll pack darker colours like a black knitted t-shirt or a navy polo. Both go well with the trousers I have here.


Nice article Manish, thanks. Can you suggest one or two versatile totes for men? I see you have a large tote in the first photo. Thanks. Charlie

Manish Puri

Hi Charlie

Thanks so much.

I don’t have many but I really like the Ichizawa Hanpu tote which is the one I’m carrying in the picture.

Good material, brass feet, lots of pockets and a roll top with a button for a little more security.

JJ Katz

V. good article, yes.

J Crewless

That crazy shirt evokes images of Sean Connery in his Terry Towling get up for some strange reason


Hi Manish, Fantastic article! Really love these colour combinations. Inspired me to look for some putty coloured trousers and shorts. Just wondering, that linen shirt in the first photo, would you happen to know where you purchased it?

Manish Puri

Thanks so much, David.

That’s actually the Uniqlo U shirt from outfit three.


Another excellent article, Manish, combining practical information effortlessly with wit. I believe the oft used ‘playful’ would be appropriate.
For those of us based in England (hence Anthology not being an obvious/practical place to shop), where might one look for some linen trousers similar to those you wear in the article?

Manish Puri

Hi Philip

Thanks so much!

Have you had a look at Anglo-Italian? They always have nice linen trousers in RTW and their MTM offer (where you’ll be able to get something similar) is well priced too.


The Anderson and Sheppard cream top looks lovely- but is, shall I say, somewhat revealing of what’s underneath? Do you wear anything underneath – or just show them off with pride?

Manish Puri

Hi Philip

The latter 😊 to be fair it’s nowhere near as transparent as other lightweight cream knits I’ve tried before.

Jamie A

Hi Manish,

Love all these looks and the article.

Words to live by: I always pack a tie because I think ties are cool.

Enjoy the hols!


Manish Puri

Cheers Jamie 🙏🏾


A very nice read.
Could you guide on navy linen trousers and its usefulness?

Manish Puri

Hi Kailash

I think they could be useful – especially if you like the colour.

I think sometimes men are cautious with navy trousers because they can look like leftovers from a work suit, but, given how relaxed the linen is, I think it’s not a major issue.


What are your thoughts on wearing linen trousers with a linen shirt and/or jacket (tailored or otherwise)? I remember Simon writing something in the Guide to Linen advising against it somewhat. Do you take a different approach? Does it depend on the specifics of color and texture?


My apologies, I didn’t see that my earlier question actually got posted. I originally wrote it with spotty internet service.


Hi Manish. Great article!
I’m very interested to thrift the Uniqlo U shirt you have mentioned in this article. May I ask if the product code for the shirt is 416554 (from their 2019 SS collection)?

Manish Puri

Wow! You got it! That’s the one 😊 good luck!


If this piece doesn’t cement your reputation as the ‘Manish for all seasons’ then I don’t know what will. I wish I could muster as much wit in a copy: “An open-necked spread-collar dress shirt, by contrast, permanently looks aghast at being jilted by that silken seductress.”

Manish Puri

Haha! Thank you so much BB. I’m really glad you liked that one 😊

Juan Carlos

Hi, Manish. I like so much this article. Do yo prefer the Lopez or the Piccadilly loafers? What’s about the ring?

Manish Puri

Hi Juan Carlos

Both are really nice but I found the Lopez fits more a bit better across the foot.

The ring is from a jewellery shop in London called Frederick Grove.

Thanks 😊


I think summer (and even more so in the context of holidays) is the easiest season if you want to be better dressed than 99% of the male population. Just make sure either the top or the bottom half of your outfit is long sleeved. Even if the shirtsleeves are rolled up. Speaking of „not breaking the bank“: I think Casatlantic are doing the summery looks really well. Even if their look is strong, I would argue that a summer holiday is the best and easiest occasion to try something a bit more daring. Also for the reasons mentioned in the article.


Hi Manish

Lovely article!

I haven’t been able to find the infomation on their website, but what would say the rise of the shorts are approximately?