I’m going on holiday

Saturday, April 6th 2024
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For the past 16 years I’ve never taken a holiday from publishing and replying to comments on Permanent Style. I normally take a break on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but that’s about it. 

You could call it dedication if you want, but I suspect it’s more just paranoia that if I don’t log in and keep everyone happy, the PS audience will sort of drift away, taking everything we’ve built with it. There’s a conversation there perhaps about running a business in the tyrannical age of social media, but not one for today. 

Because I’m going on holiday!

Next week I won’t be doing any writing, any replying or any emailing. The wonderful Manish is taking over.

Manish will be writing all three articles during the week, and replying to all comments (on articles old or new). He’s got some great things in store, and I know is looking forward to it. He’ll also enjoy giving his view on anything you throw at him, so don’t be afraid to carry on asking any and all questions. 

I’m planning on doing absolutely nothing, just being around the house with my kids. It’s going to be wonderful. 

I’ll see you on the 15th - be kind to Manish while I’m gone and, you know, look after the place.

Image: Linen MTM suit from The Armoury covered here

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Enjoy your time off, Simon. Looking forward to reading Manish’s articles.


enjoy the break and come back refreshed.

James M

Enjoy your vacation. You deserve it.

JJ Singh

Do you pay Manish for his contributions?

Isaac Milton

a well-deserved holiday after all this time! Here’s to more of them — there probably won’t be any more Permanent Style if you exhaust yourself, after all.


Enjoy your holiday Simone. You’ve earned it.


Extremely sensible decision Simon. I have to get my other half to stage “interventions”. Take care and enjoy the quality time.


Delighted to learn you are taking a proper break. You deserve it and it will refresh you. And good for your family too. Best wishes for your break.




Hope you enjoy your well deserved break Simon, will be lovely reading some more articles by Manish! Hope other readers agree with me that we won’t drift anywhere while you’re enjoying just staying with your family!

Yes please to an article on the tyrannical age of social media and your experience with it, once you’ve had enough rest.

Have a lovely time!


Have a great holiday with family Simon


You deserve it Simon! Enjoy your time with your family!

Tom in New Hampshire USA

Well deserved.


A well deserved break. Thanks for all your hard work, inspiration, and the joy you bring to all of us so consistently.


Enjoy a well earned break Simon.

One style question- could I pair high twist trousers with an Oxford shirt or is this a mismatch and shirt fabric should be poplin etc?


thank you, Simon. It’s your shirting fabric (which I love!)….


Aren’t you supposed to be on holiday, put the laptop down.


Hello Simon,

After 25 odd years in the world of business I only just, a few years ago forced myself to delegate fully and step away on occasion (more frequently nowadays).

I have learned the world doesn’t end and it’s still there when you get back. In your case, trust me your readership is going nowhere. Where precisely would we go? There are no real alternatives. ☺️

Enjoy a well deserved break and look forward to your return!


Excellent – not you going off grid, rather you have capable support from Manish!

I’ve enjoyed the guest contributions, so looking forward to it.

Good luck Manish, and put your feet up Simon

J Crewless

Breathe easy. You’re in good hands.


Have a good one, Simon.

No pressure Manish. 😊


I understand completely that pressure you may have felt, but there does come a point where your business/brand are sufficiently well established. You ought to do it more regularly as your kids won’t be young forever.

PS is probably at the stage where the readership would understand a regular “radio silence” on comment responses (although I am intrigued and excited about what Manish has up his sleeve).


I’ve always been amazed by the 24/7 365 days ops of the website. Perhaps, in addition to the reasons mentioned, it is also the result of really loving what you do. Anyway, I really liked the title of the post and how it looks with the chosen picture and it’s colours.

Peter Hall

Enjoy your well deserved break.
Permamanish Style

Manish Puri

Domain name purchased…:)

Barrz Kearney-Luc

Nice suit. Please tell us about it. Enjoy your holidays


No – wait – while you’re packing for your trip, could you please answer numerous questions about what suit you’re wearing in the picture, what neck size the button down shirt is underneath, what you were looking in main picture on this post (and what was going through your mind), and whether your eyes were looking up and to the right, or down and to the right, or up and to the left, or down and to the left.
My word: I won’t say the standardized “Have a well-deserved trip,” instead, I’ll say this:
You’ve reached (long ago) the point on your blog where you don’t have to worry about us leaving you. We’re not going anywhere. But I’m glad that you are.


Enjoy the well deserved rest!

Dr Peter

Good for you, old chap! Enjoy the holiday and come back refreshed.


You’ve obviously earned it. We’ll survive under Manish, of course.



Daniel P

No need to worry. PS is only in trouble if people stop wearing clothes. Do spend some time this week contemplating the ceiling.

Lindsay McKee

Enjoy your rest Simon.




Enjoy Simon !


Need an article on what to wear when doing nothing around the house with and without kids. /s

Enjoy the break!


And here I thought we were going to get an article on resort wear! Just kidding, enjoy your time off with your family Simon!



Manish Ive got a question for you) Is there a guideline for how long a T shirt should be?

Manish Puri

Hi Rups

I think a lot will depend on how you wear it. However, a good rule of thumb might be: halfway between the waistband of your trousers and the end of your shirt when it’s untucked.

That way you should have a t-shirt that you can tuck in but also leave untucked without looking too long or short.

Here’s some numerical examples:

My torso from shoulder to trouser waistband is about 51-52 cm and I wear a medium.
The PS Tapered T-shirt in Medium is 66cm long
The PS Oxford Shirt in Medium is 81cm long

Those figures are pretty much dead in line with my rule of thumb.

Hope that helps!

Dominic Aiello

If you’re ever in Upstate New York ( between Albany and Buffalo ) drop a line and stop in for a visit. Nothing fancy. Comfortable and friendly here. A good small city is Rome, New York.


Congratulations on having the confidence to take time out for you and your family. Not everyone is as sensible

Nicolas Strömbäck

Well deserved! Enjoy the holiday Simon.


Still on holiday Simon? We all miss you here …… but, enjoy your time with your family of course.

Erik Karlsson

Could be a technical problem? My phone does not show the new posts either. But with a computer it works

Erik Karlsson

Clearing the cache and cookies of my web browser fixed the problem